Wait, Wait, Hurry Up!: Coughing for Years and Now Want an Appointment Yesterday…

“Wait, Wait, Hurry Up!”

That’s a familiar sentiment this Center For Cough New Patient Coordinator often hears from callers and prospective patients.  People who state they’ve been coughing for months or years without relief, call Center For Cough and suddenly want an appointment to see Dr. Mandel Sher yesterday.  What’s up with that sense of urgency?  Well, I get it…

Sometimes, people with Chronic Cough are STUCK. 

They are stuck believing that because they have seen other doctors and tried other cough treatments that have failed, they have to learn to live with Chronic Cough.  Then, they learn about Dr. Mandel Sher and the REMARKABLE SUCCESSES of Center For Cough patients, and these same people GET UNSTUCK.  They are MOTIVATED.  They have finally DECIDED TO TAKE ACTION TO FINALLY ACHIEVE REAL, EFFECTIVE, AND LASTING COUGH RELIEF.    “Wait, Wait, Hurry Up!…”

“I Can’t Stand It Anymore”

“I’m Worn-Out”

“I’m Tired of Sitting Home Alone Because Everyone Thinks I’m Sick”

“I Feel So Embarrassed.  My Coughing Episodes Interrupt the Silence”

I’m Frustrated.  I Used to Love Singing and Now I can Barely Talk Without Coughing”

Dr. Sher and Center For Cough understand this wait, wait, hurry up sentiment. They understand that people who have been looking for a real and lasting cough solution can almost taste it now that they have found Center For Cough.

After many conversations with people who have been coughing for a long time, I now understand that people often procrastinate because of anxiety – that something really serious may be wrong – and because of past cough treatments and failures.

Don’t Wait!  Be Evaluated by Dr. Mandel Sher and FINALLY Understand the Cause(s) of YOUR Cough and Begin the Short Road to Cough Relief and Success!    After all, why put-off feeling good and living life to the fullest one more day?

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher:  Nationally Renown Cough Specialist:  727-393-8067.