Constant Throat Clearing: More Common Among Men Than Women?

“A-H-E-M …A-H-E-M!”  Your throat clearing is driving me crazy! Is throat clearing more common among men than women?  Dr. Mandel Sher was at a recent social gathering when a male friend started speaking with him about his constant throat clearing.  The very next day, a colleague of Dr. Sher’s friend had an initial appointment with Dr. Sher at Center for Cough to evaluate the causes of his constant throat clearing and begin treatment.  Of course, Dr. Sher did not reveal that just the evening before he had been discussing the same condition with this gentleman’s colleague.  Unknowingly, the gentleman (and now Center for Cough patient) mentioned to Dr. Sher that he and a colleague have regular throat clearing sound-offs.  Coincidence or easily explainable?

Throat clearing is a symptom of an underlying medical condition.  All throat clearing is not created equal.  Effective treatment and Resolution depends on knowing what’s causing your throat clearing.

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Dr. Sher is a specialist in chronic respiratory and related medical conditions that have inflammatory, neurogenic, and behavioral  components.  He combines existing evidence-based approaches with innovative therapeutic techniques to resolve constant throat clearing.  Dr. Sher’s services are recognized by Medicare and most commercial insurers.

Many of us throat clear occasionally.  But when throat clearing becomes constant, a physician should evaluate the underlying cause.  Very often, throat clearing starts with a physical component and then becomes behavioral.  The more you clear your throat, the more you feel you need to clear your throat.  Throat clearing can, and often does, turn into a habit.  And, constant throat clearing can drive a colleague, spouse, partner, fellow church worshiper, or theater goer CRAZY!

Such an annoying medical condition!  But throat clearing usually responds swiftly to simple, do it yourself treatment.  The most important step in treating throat clearing is accurately diagnosing the underlying cause – after all, there are many reasons why someone may feel the need to constantly clear his/her throat.  Therefore, it is critically important that the cause of throat clearing be matched with a targeted therapy.