Do you know or can you imagine the experience of living with Chronic Cough? Chronic coughers open-up to researchers about the experiences of living with Chronic Cough.  The research team from Indiana University used a combination of data collection, surveys, and interviews to better understand the study participants’ experiences with diagnostic testing, management, and quality of life. Michael Weiner, M.D., professor of Medicine at Indiana University, presented the study’s findings at the American Thoracic Society virtual meeting. Dr. Mandel Sher, founder of Center for Cough, thanks Dr. Weiner, the research team, and study participants for this important presentation of chronic coughers’ experiences. The study’s findings echo the Center for Cough’s observations caring for chronic cough patients since 2009.

The study pointed to the mental health consequences of chronic cough and called for greater attention to mental health needs in this population. The common mental health problems reported include: anxiety or depression, embarrassment, fatigue, sleep difficulties, and urinary incontinence often leading to isolation. The study also identified themes from the study participants’ experiences: unpredictability of cough; frustration with not knowing why they have chronic cough in spite of extensive evaluations; and a feeling of giving up.

Dr. Mandel Sher and the Center for Cough team understand. Hundreds of Center for Cough’s patients since 2009 describe the same physical and mental consequences and the same feelings of frustration and hopelessness. Dr. Mandel Sher and his scientific and cough doctor colleagues around the globe are changing the paradigm for diagnosing, treating, and resolving Chronic Cough. A recently recognized type of Chronic Cough called “Neurogenic Cough” or “Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome” targets irritated nerve endings at the back of the throat as the catalyst for Chronic Cough. These inflamed nerve endings produce throat tickle, urge to cough, cough, and more cough.

Dr. Mandel Sher listens to every patient’s cough story and then uses safe, non-surgical, state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to confirm a diagnosis of neurogenic cough. Dr. Sher explains that Chronic Cough sufferers are often “hard-wired and hot-wired to cough.” Over 85 percent of Center for Cough’s patients achieve cough reduction or resolution, even when they have tried and failed other therapies. Center for Cough’s evidence-based, reproducible approach to resolving Chronic Cough involves an innovative, integrated, and easy care program. Effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. All Center for Cought’s treatments are FDA-approved and eligible for Medicare and other major insurer coverage.

Chronic Cough can be resolved! People with Chronic Cough should not learn to live with it. They should not give up on a life without Chronic Cough! Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough will help you along the way. Call today for an appointment: 727-393-8067. Telehealth and In-Office appointments available.