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Thank You Dad: A Tribute to Dr. Lewis Sher on National Doctors’ Day

Thank You Dad!  On this 2017 National Doctors’ Day, Dr. Sher honors the memory of his first and favorite role model – his Dad, Dr. Lewis Sher. 

Dr. Lewis Sher was a general pediatrician in the Minneapolis area.  You might say, he was an authentic “holistic” medical doctor. Dad Sher understood that a child’s well-being depended upon much more than good medical care.  Dad took such pleasure in helping “his kids and their families” develop into healthy, responsible, and happy people.  For example, Dad often bartered patients’ services in lieu of payment so the family could have money for food, medicine and other necessities.  Dad Sher helped many young boys become poised young men by greeting them by looking them in the eye and giving them a firm handshake.   Dad Sher played such an important part in families’ lives, that long after kids had grown-up, he would be invited to their weddings.

Dinnertime in the Sher Family household would be Dad Sher recounting the families he had helped that day.  Dad Sher loved being a doctor and the sense of pride and fulfillment that he conveyed nightly was early inspiration for his son, Dr. Mandel Sher.  Dad Sher was a lifelong learner – always working hard to do more and do better for his patients and their families.  Even after his retirement, Dad Sher would participate in medical group discussions at hospitals’ Grand Rounds.

Dr. Mandel Sher honors his Dad’s philosophy of treating people – not disease. Really listening, hearing, and understanding patients’ stories, concerns, and goals are hallmarks of Dr. Sher’s humility.

Dr. Mandel Sher’s tireless work ethic also began in his family home.  Commitment to continuous learning and offering patients and referring physicians the most advanced information and treatment is a distinguishing hallmark:

  • Leads national clinical research trials by working with scientists and researchers for new cough, allergy and asthma treatments.
  • Contributes to advancing Allergy, Asthma, Immunology, and Cough care.  Lectures to his colleagues at national professional society meetings on new clinical techniques and research findings.
  • Trains physicians to become Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology specialists; Over 100 physicians trained so far and still counting.
  • Serves as a Professor at USF Health.

Northwestern, Duke, Harvard, and the University of Michigan – no matter where Dr. Mandel Sher has been educated and medically trained, he always carries with him the sense of humility that his Dad instilled.  For Dr. Mandel Sher, his love for people and helping them to be and feel healthy and enjoy life to the fullest – all began at home.  

So, on this 2017 National Doctors’ Day, Thank You Dr. Lewis Sher.  You remain Dr. Mandel Sher’s role model for  simply doing good.

Dr. Sher also thanks his colleagues, patients, and raving fans for giving him the opportunity to live his dream.    Come meet Dr. Mandel Sher to see how he can help you:  727-393-8067.


Center For Cough Doctor Mandel R. Sher

Dr. Mandel Sher Honors his Dad’s Memory: Dr. Lewis Sher