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COVID-Cough and Chronic Cough

Chronic cough may be mistaken for COVID-cough during this COVID pandemic making you a cough pariah in need of a cough intervention. Coughs and cough stories may sound alike so only a cough expert can differentiate among the underlying causes and then precisely match cough treatment with the specific cause. For instance, bronchitis, asthma, cancer, postnasal drip, and allergies may be the underlying problem with a cough symptom, but very often, chronic cough is THE problem. As a result, a trial and error cough treatment approach wastes time and money, produces side effects of unnecessary medications, and results in people feeling increasingly frustrated. Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough uses advanced diagnostic tools and evidenced-based, comprehensive, and simultaneous cough remedy that is individualized to meet each patient’s unique needs, is safe and effective, provides rapid relief and lasting results, and has over an 85 percent success rate.   

Cough has been identified as a key symptom of this coronavirus.  There is a heightened awareness of and concern around cough.  So, while you may know that your cough is chronic, and is not COVID-cough, you may feel increasing embarrassed and isolated. Talking, laughing, singing, allergies, and environmental irritants may trigger the production of cough, and hoarseness, throat tickle, throat clearing, urinary incontinence, anxiety, and social isolation may be the results.   

 Dr. Mandel Sher is a world-renowned chronic cough expert.  He is an author in peer-reviewed medical journals, lecturer at national professional medical societies, clinical trials scientist and researcher evaluating novel cough therapies, teacher and trainer of the next generation of cough specialists, and honored to be consistently selected as “Best Doctor in America” and “Compassionate Doctor” by his patients. 

If you think you have a persistent cough, chronic cough or are throat clearing, constantly feeling a throat tickle and urge to cough, or your voice is hoarse, please call Dr. Mandel Sher for an appointment: 727-393-8067.