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Can Talking be Contributing to your Chronic Cough?

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos Can talking be contributing to your Chronic Cough?  Yes!  Coughing fits from simply talking can happen to someone with an overly sensitive cough mechanism. Talking can be throat drying and act as an irritant to the cough mechanism. So, it may not be surprising that Presidential Candidate Hillary […]

AF-219: Promising New Cough Treatment

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough are the nation’s leading site for clinical research trials for new cough treatments.  Currently, Center for Cough is enrolling eligible patients in Afferent Pharmaceuticals AF-219 clinical research trial. Preliminary results suggest AF-219 may be a promising new cough treatment.

Contact Amy, Center for Cough’s Clinical Research Coordinator, to learn more about this clinical research trial and other that may be available:  727-393-8067

“…Pathologic Cough – Debilitating & Potentially Chronic Neurogenic Disorder Affecting Millions Cough is the symptom for which patients most often seek medical attention. Pathologic cough or non-productive cough serves no functional purpose, and can occur following an upper respiratory infection. In most patients, this cough manifests itself as an acute cough lasting a few weeks. However, in some patients, sensitized nerve fibers fail to return to a normal quiescent state, resulting in sub-acute or chronic cough lasting months to years. The prevalence of chronic cough is estimated to be over 10% of adults in the U.S. While an underlying etiology may contribute to cough in some of these patients (such as GERD, asthma, COPD, etc.), many patients are not well-controlled for their cough even with treatment for such underlying etiology, or with the addition of currently available cough medications…” read more

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