Dr. Mandel Sher IS the Difference Between Cough Relief or Prolonged Suffering

You can choose the ending to your cough story.  Ever wonder how things might have turned out differently if you had chosen to take a different fork in the road? Read Jane’s cough story:  a cough tale with 2 different endings.

Jane’s Cough Story

Meet Jane, a 63-year old grandmother, courtroom attorney, and lover of live performing arts.  Jane coughs.  She’s been coughing for about 18 months and remembers it beginning after a bout with an upper respiratory infection.

The cough has become a “relationship interrupter.”  Her little grand-kids cover their ears when Jane starts coughing uncontrollably.  Jane talks a lot for her job, and oral arguments in the courtroom are often interrupted by coughing fits and water breaks.  And, Jane can’t bear the embarrassment of interrupting the peace and quiet of a group gathering.  Jane is choosing to stay home and miss her beloved pastime:  theater, opera, symphony, and poetry readings.

Jane is frustrated.  Her family, friends, and colleagues are worried.  Jane is motivated to get to the bottom of this and re-claim her life.  Her goal: to cough less and enjoy life more.   The choices Jane makes next will affect her Cough Journey and ultimately, her outcome.  This real-life tale with 2 different endings points out the benefits of choosing Dr. Mandel Sher right from the start. 

Cough Story 1:  Visit to Primary Care Doctor; Still Coughing; Now What?… 

Jane sees Dr. Brown, her primary care doctor.  Dr. Brown is an excellent primary care doctor and carefully describes the many reasons Jane could be coughing.

Dr. Brown suggests a trial and error treatment plan. Dr. Brown explains that their approach to solving Jane’s cough mystery will be to rule out different reasons.  Dr. Brown thinks GERD may be making Jane cough.  Jane’s follow-up appointment with Dr. Brown is scheduled in 4 more weeks.  Jane picks-up the prescription and over-the-counter medications for GERD and begins the recommended treatment regimen immediately.

4 weeks later at Jane’s next appointment with Dr. Brown, Jane is still coughing.  Now Dr. Brown has ruled-out GERD.  Dr. Brown thinks Jane’s cough may be from post-viral infection.  Jane pushes aside the GERD medications and begins with other medications.  Follow-up is scheduled in another 4 weeks. Jane is still coughing.

Outcome: 8 weeks  later + wasted $$$ for medications + side effects of medications + Missed Opportunities = Jane is still coughing. 

Cough Story 2: First Stop:  Dr. Mandel Sher  IS the Difference Between Success and Failure

Jane is ready to get to the bottom of her Cough.  She goes directly to a nationally renowned cough expert, Dr. Mandel Sher.

During the office visit at Center for Cough with Dr. Sher, Jane learns that there is a NEW PERSPECTIVE ON THE CAUSE(S) OF CHRONIC COUGH.  Jane also learns that Dr. Sher is one of a handful of Cough Doctors in the United States and that Dr. Sher is on the cutting-edge of breakthrough cough evaluation and treatment.

At the end of the 1st office visit with Dr. Sher, Jane learns that her cough is caused by nerve endings at the back of her throat that are overly sensitive and easily irritated to produce cough.  Her cough is triggered by irritants like GERD.  Both the cause and trigger need to be treated.  Dr. Sher prescribes a comprehensive treatment plan that includes medication, voice therapy exercises, and some diet modifications.  Jane is scheduled for a follow-up appointment in 4 weeks.

Within a few days Jane is feeling better overall.  There is a measurable decrease in her cough frequency.  Jane is feeling hopeful that cough relief is in sight.  She begins to resume normal life.  Jane’s cough results are remarkable!  Like over 85% of Dr. Sher’s cough patients, Jane is experiencing cough relief for the first time in a very long time.  

Outcome:  Within days, Real & Sustainable Cough Relief & Living Life Fully!

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