Sarasota – Here He Comes!: Dr. Mandel Sher returns to SARASOTA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL on Friday, April 21, to present GRAND ROUNDS:

“Approach to CHRONIC COUGH: A Changing Paradigm.”

Sarasota, Naples, Bradenton, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral is home to many of Dr. Sher’s Cough patients. Dr. Sher appreciates this opportunity and is looking forward to seeing his SMH colleagues.

So, you may wonder what’s so grand about Grand Rounds.  While no one knows for certain who coined the term, Grand Rounds is a time-honored tradition for medical education.  It began at  Johns Hopkins Medical School in the late 19th century with bedside teaching as an approach to education.  As participation grew, the discussions moved from the bedside to the auditorium.  Very often, the patient appeared at Grand Rounds for examination and questioning by those in attendance and then exited when the discussion addressed treatment and prognosis.  Today, Grand Rounds remains a formal weekly meeting of doctors, medical students, residents, nurses, and other patient care professionals.  Medical problems and medical topics of interest are presented and discussed.

Dr. Sher is helping to advance the medical community’s understanding of Chronic Cough and treatment.  To that end, Dr. Sher is a frequent presenter and lecturer at local, regional, and national physician professional societies.  Dr. Sher is a Professor at USF Health, and has participated in the training of over 120 physicians aspiring to become Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology specialists.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a National Cough Expert, one of a handful in the United States.  His patients seen at Center for Cough demonstrate a remarkable success rate!  Over 85% of Dr. Sher’s Cough patients demonstrate a measurable decrease in cough frequency and overall improvement in quality of life.

Cough lasting more that 8 weeks is not normal and can be an indication of a significant underlying medical problem.  Don’t wait.  Be evaluated and treated by a Cough Expert.  Real and sustainable cough relief is a phone call away:  727-393-8067.