Red Tide: Unexpected Guest at Dr. Mandel Sher’s Daughter’s Wedding Weekend

Red Tide was an unexpected guest at Dr. Mandel Sher’s daughter’s wedding weekend.  Sometimes there’s no odor & no dead fish on shore.  Red Tide can be invisible and suddenly sneak-up on you when the wind conditions shift.  Dr. Mandel Sher and his daughter’s wedding guests experienced this firsthand on Friday, October 26th, 2018 as the rehearsal dinner began.  Months of planning, but Red Tide was an unexpected guest.  Gusty winds produced by passing tropical weather seemed to stir-up the Red Tide in the Gulf of Mexico along St. Pete Beach.

The Red Tide irritative Cough sound, funny feeling in chest and throat,  and burning eye sensation was almost immediate upon guests arriving at the beach location.  Dr. Mandel Sher took it upon himself to explain to affected guests that the Cough, burning throat, and irritated eyes were very likely not the result of something viral and contagious, but rather the result of Red Tide.  To folks from New York, Pennsylvania, California, and other destinations, Red Tide is a foreign phenomenon, and Dr. Sher wanted to relieve guests of undue concern.   

Generally, Red Tide produces uncomfortable, annoying, and short-lived consequences.  For persons with pre-existing respiratory conditions, such as Chronic Cough, Red Tide can have more serious consequences.

Effective remedies for Red Tide include:  avoiding affected geographic areas by remaining inside with windows and doors shut; sipping fluids; and sucking on a moisturizing throat and Cough lozenge. 

So, Dr. Mandel Sher and Mindy and Jacob’s wedding guests might now say they were treated to an authentic coastal Florida experience.  Thankfully, the wedding weekend went on to be beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine inside and out.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Specialist.  He takes care of Cough patients, leads Clinical Research Trials on Cough therapies, and is a frequent contributor to the medical community’s understanding of Chronic Cough.

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At Center for Cough, Dr. Mandel Sher offers patients an innovative and integrated approach toward conquering Chronic Cough.  Dr. Mandel Sher’s approach is anchored in traditional medicine.  In fact, all of Dr. Mandel Sher’s services are covered by Medicare and commercial insurance.  The innovation comes from how Dr. Sher puts the pieces of the puzzle together and uses diet, voice exercises, breathing techniques, and medications to help patients achieve Cough resolution.

Many doctors take care of persons with Cough; Dr. Mandel Sher focuses on persons who are suffering with a Chronic Cough for 8 weeks or longer.  Many of these persons have seen other doctors and tried but failed cough therapies.  Dr. Mandel Sher has helped over 85 percent of patients who have been suffering with Cough for months, years, or decades achieve relief.