Persistent Cough & Your Heart: Achy Breaky Heart

February is designated by the American Heart Association as “American Heart Month.” In February, we also celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, February is an especially appropriate time to consider the relationship between Persistent Cough & Your Heart. There may be a direct relationship between possible heart disease and Cough. And, very likely there’s an indirect relationship between your family and friend’s broken hearts because they are worried that your Cough is a warning sign of serious illness. And, your achy, breaky heart because you’re sitting life out due to the anxiety, stress, and embarrassment of Persistent Cough. Do you know this about Persistent Cough & Your Heart?:

Chronic Cough may be an indication of underlying and serious heart condition. A Cough that wont’ go away may also be a symptom of other significant medical conditions. But, very often, Persistent Cough is an irritating, embarrassing, and debilitating condition only that can be relieved or resolved. Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Doctor who WILL help you break the Cough cycle and achieve long-term Cough relief or resolution: 727-393-8067

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Chronic Cough is a medical condition that often has multiple factors triggering and producing Cough. A cookie-cutter approach to diagnosing and treating Persistent Cough does not work. Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Specialist who will accurately assess the unique factors triggering your specific cough. Dr. Sher will match the reasons for your Cough with a personalized and individualized treatment plan that will relieve or resolve your cough. In recognition of the individuality and specificity of each patient’s Cough, Dr. Sher says:

“Each patient is a snowflake.” – Dr. Mandel Sher

Don’t be a heart-breaker by worrying yourself, family and friends with a Persistent Cough. Get to the bottom of WHY you’re Coughing. Understanding the why is the first and most important step toward effective treatment and Cough relief or resolution.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher for world-class Cough care & results: #coughbgone