Coughing is Natural, But is Your Cough Normal?

Normalize your cough. Don’t stop it! 

You’ve probably used the expression, “Cough it up!” While this slang usually means “hand it over or give it up,” it refers to the body’s all important cough function.  Cough has a vital role in getting rid of foreign objects before they are inhaled into our respiratory system and end-up in our lungs.  So, coughing is natural, but is your cough normal?

When cough acts to protect us from choking or aspirating foreign objects into our lungs, it has a very clear purpose and is very productive – even life saving.  But for persons suffering from a dry chronic cough, there is no purpose – it’s only purpose is to irritate the sufferer and those around.  Therefore, the goal is to normalize their cough so it continues to function as a protector but nothing more.

We all need to cough!  Cough is a primitive defense mechanism that prevents food and foreign objects from going down the wrong pipe and causing us to choke.      

But around 15% of adults suffer from a Chronic Cough – an irritating cough that has no purpose.  For  these people, cough is not a problem solver, it is the problem.    

As frustrating, distressing, and debilitating a chronic cough can be, it is easy to understand why chronic cough sufferers are eager to get rid of their cough.  But given the vital role that cough has in preventing choking, the goal of chronic cough sufferers should be to normalize their cough which means reducing the frequency and intensity of cough so that the cough performs within normal expectations.

Center for Cough is dedicated to understanding your unique cough profile and using that information to develop a comprehensive cough treatment plan to normalize your cough.  That comprehensive cough treatment plan generally includes prescription and over-the counter medications, voice exercises, and easy-to-implement lifestyle modifications.

So, the next time you find yourself wishing you could “get rid of your cough,” think again.  Contact Center for Cough to find out how it can help you normalize your cough.