Mothers Make the World Go Round: Meet Dr. Sher’s Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! Meet Dr. Sher’s Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!  Mothers make the world go round. It’s a time-out to celebrate the wonderful women who shape our world and make it spin. I have the pleasure of working alongside women and collaborating with women on behalf of their own or their family member’s health and well being.  Thank You to the women who are the human family’s glue. Thank You to the women who are mothers to another.  And thank you to my mother, Anita Sher.  Let me tell you a little bit about my Mom. In this description, you may see yourself, your mom, or another woman who helps you along life’s journey.

My mom is soft-spoken, gentle, patient, generous, and calm.  

Remarkable! given that Mom raised me and my brother, Craig, while Dad was making house calls on cold Minneapolis nights, rounding early morning at the hospital, and seeing patients from morning to night including Saturdays.

Craig and I have always been each others best friends, and together, we could cook-up trouble.  We were “good kids,” but we were kids!  Broken bones, broken windows, broken hearts – we certainly pushed the envelope and challenged Mom’s good-natured temperament.

But through it all, Mom was Steady Eddie.  Steadfast. Dependable. Consistent. We knew what to expect of Mom and we knew what she expected of us. 

Mom prepared Craig and me for life.  By example,   Mom showed us how to be a devoted and loving partner with Dad and prepared Craig and me for finding Jan and Karen.  When we  thought we were too busy with other stuff to sit down and talk with Mom, Mom would say:

“You have to eat.”

And a sandwich and plate of Mom’s homemade seven-layer bars were all it took for us to spill the beans.    When we would leave the house, Mom would say:

“Take care of yourself. Take care of each other.  Be kind.”

So, on this Mother’s Day 2018, I offer a heartfelt thank you to my mom and all the wonderful women who make this world a better place.  Happy Mother’s Day!