Dr. Sher on The Importance of Being Distinct: Establishing a Chronic Cough Identity

Doctors Kelkar and Sher Facilitate Workshop: American Cough Conference

“Chronic Cough is a distinct medical condition that deserves a distinct identity,”  says Dr. Mandel Sher.

Dr. Sher and his colleague, Dr. Pramod Kelkar of the Minneapolis area, will be sharing the podium at the Sixth American Cough Conference to facilitate a workshop on developing a cough center.  They will be speaking to an audience of global cough doctors, researchers, and scientists gathering in Reston, Virginia this Friday and Saturday, June 9 and 10.

Dr. Sher’s philosophy about the importance of establishing a distinct identify for Chronic Cough is rooted in his experience since creating Center For Cough in 2009.  Dr. Sher believes that a distinct identity, a unique fingerprint, for Chronic Cough is key to patient access, awareness and advocacy, and a focused approach to diagnosis and treatment.  Since opening Center for Cough, Dr. Sher has heard patients say over-and-over again that they didn’t know there is such a thing as a “cough doctor.”  Surprising given that cough is consistently the number one medical reason for visits to the doctor in the United States.

Dr. Sher’s ongoing outreach efforts target primary and specialty care physicians as well direct to prospective, current, and alumni patients.  The primary purpose of outreach initiatives is education which leads to awareness and results in timely intervention and effective treatment for people suffering with Chronic Cough.

Dr. Sher is the only doctor in the Southeast who has a distinct and dedicated focus on Chronic Cough.  There are very few Cough Doctors in the United States.  The American Cough Conference gathers Cough leaders and thinkers to discuss groundbreaking updates in Chronic Cough treatment.  Dr. Kelkar, Dr. Sher’s C0-Workshop facilitator, Dr. Peter Dicpinigatis, Chairman of the American Cough Conference and Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Director of Montefiore’s Cough Center in New York, Dr. Jacky Smith of University of Manchester in England and Dr. Sher’s Co-Author on recently published study results, along with many other friends and colleagues will be in attendance.

Cough that won’t go away is not normal and should be evaluated by a Cough Doctor.  Chronic Cough can be effectively treated to reduce cough frequency and cough severity and improve the overall quality of life – don’t learn to live with it.

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