Everyone Knows At Least Someone With Chronic Cough

When I say I work for a Cough Doctor, many people act surprised.  They say they didn’t know there was such a Specialist or that Cough could be a “big deal.”  I take this opening as their interest in learning more about Chronic Cough.  WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS PREDICTABLE – EVERYONE KNOWS SOMEONE WITH CHRONIC COUGH.

It’s like I took the lid off their very own Cough-story jar.  They start telling me about someone in their office who started out with an upper respiratory infection a couple of months ago and is still Coughing.  OR, Mom or Grandma who’s been Coughing for as long as they can remember.  Or Dad who likes to hold court with the family but Coughs  non-stop when he talks.  Or somebody in church or at the symphony who seems to have Cough episodes at the most inopportune times.  Or what about that guy who’s always clearing his throat – is he actually Coughing? On and on and on…Everyone  Knows Someone With Chronic Cough; approximately 12 percent of the population is affected.

Got Chronic Cough?  Here are this administrative Center for Cough team member’s top 5 dos and don’ts.

Top 5 Dos and Don’ts for a Person with Cough:

  • Do Not Learn to Live With Chronic Cough. Do see Dr. Mandel Sher, a nationally renowned Cough Expert located in the Tampa Bay area.  In addition to helping more than 85% of Cough patients at Center for Cough achieve remarkable and sustainable Cough relief and overall improvement in quality of life, Dr. Sher leads clinical research trials for new Cough therapies and offers interested and eligible people with Cough access to promising new Cough drugs before they are available, and is a frequent guest lecturer and contributor to professional societies of his physician and scientist colleagues.  Do not think you are alone; Everyone Knows Someone with Chronic Cough.
  • Do Not Be Discouraged Because Previous Cough Treatment Failed. Dr. Sher Listens to YOUR Cough Story.  He functions like a Doctor Detective Who Never Gives Up!  More than 85 percent of his Center for Cough patients demonstrate a measurable reduction in Cough frequency and report a remarkable improvement in quality of life.
  • Do Not Self-Medicate. Do get an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause, as well as the triggers and symptoms, of your cough.  Self-medicating can Worsen the Cough, Delay Relief, Have Side Effects, and Waste Money.
  • Do Not Think Cough Treatment will be Difficult. Do get a Customized Cough Treatment Plan during your initial visit with Dr. Sher.  Generally, treatment will include some combination of over-the-counter and/or prescription medications, easy to do at home voice therapy exercises, and many Helpful Hints aimed at Avoiding or Managing a Cough episode.
  • Do Not Be Concerned about Cost of Cough Treatment. Sher’s approach to Cough treatment is evidence-based, traditional medicine.  Dr. Sher’s and Center for Cough’s services are all recognized by Medicare and insurance companies.

I love what I do and the small part I play in the transformations of patients at Dr. Mandel Sher’s Center for Cough.  If I could say one more thing I would say, “Don’t Wait…Evaluate.”    Confidence and Calm about Cough come with the Competence of having  Skills to recognize Early Warning Signs or Risk Factors or know-how to Manage a Cough Episode to Gain Cough Relief quickly.

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough.  World-Class Cough Care Close to Home:  727-393-8067.