FOX 13 Interviews Dr. Sher



Fox 13’s Dr. “Jo” recently visited Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough patient, Joan M. Joan described the 8-year cough nightmare that made it hard for her to leave her home. Dr. Sher commented on new findings about a cause of chronic cough and promising new cough treatment. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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Joan says:  “It was uncontrollable; I could not manage the cough.  There was nothing that helped and it was one of those coughs that was deep and intense and sounds like someone is very ill.”  Six years, four doctors, and a variety of treatments didn’t help. Joan’s sense of taste decreased during the trial of a new drug but has since returned.  What Dr. Sher’s treatment, plus the clinical trial medicine, has given me is the ability to have cough that’s manageable.  Whether my apple pie tastes the same or not, when I compare that with the ability to be in… my church service or at Disney, I’d rather take the medication.”

 Dr. Mandel Sher says:  “Cough has an unmet need for therapy. We do not have an optimal cough drug.  Either they cause a significant amount of side effects or they don’t work so well.  The last time the Food and Drug Administration approved a new cough drug was in 1958.  Now, researchers are honing in on the tiny nerve endings lining the back of the throat as a cause of chronic cough…These tiny nerves make some patients hard-wired and hot-wired to cough.  AF-219 is a promising new drug in clinical trials that reduces cough by targeting these tiny nerves.”

15% of adults have Chronic Cough – but they may not know it.  They may not know that a persistent cough is not normal.  They may not know that a cough that just won’t go away may be a sign of a serious medical problem.  They may have seen doctors for their cough and tried cough treatments – but are still coughing.  Let them know that they should not learn to live with cough.  Dr. Sher has a solution.

Encourage friends, family, and colleagues who have a persistent cough that just won’t go away to pick-up the phone and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Sher at Center for Cough:  727-393-8067.