Emotionally Intelligent, Artificial Intelligence Tool Offers Cough Drop

Have you seen the movie, “Her,” starring Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix?  The movie addresses a human-computer love affair.  Far fetched?  Maybe not.  Emotionally intelligent, artificial intelligence tools are being introduced into health care.  Many believe it will transform who delivers health care and how it is delivered.  Algorithms, machine-based learning, privacy, and security are words we frequently hear associated with artificial intelligence tools  in health care.

CNet, a leading reviewer of technology products, featured: “Got the sniffles? Alexa may notice someday — and offer cough drops” https://www.cnet.com/news/got-the-sniffles-alexa-may-some-day-notice-and-offer-cough-drops/  The article addresses the ongoing work to make virtual assistants more emotionally intelligent and in sync with a person’s physical and mental state.  The article states that Amazon was recently awarded a patent for making  it’s virtual assistant, Alexa,  more in-tune with a person’s physical and mental state.  “In an example in the patent filing, a user tells Alexa:

“I’m hungry,” while coughing and sniffling. Determining the user may have a sore throat, Alexa asks the user if she would like a recipe for chicken soup. She declines. Alexa follows up by asking “Would you like to order cough drops with one-hour delivery?” The woman responds: “That would be awesome!” (emphasis added)”

Artificial intelligence tools in health care present many opportunities and many challenges.  In the meantime, Dr. Mandel Sher, a nationally renown Cough Expert, is the real deal, ready to help you resolve your Cough.  Dr. Sher and his patients suffering with Chronic Cough have demonstrated remarkable results through the Center for Cough’s innovative and integrated approach.  When it comes to diagnosing the underlying cause of cough in order to execute a targeted treatment plan that will be effective specifically for that cause, there is no substitute for being seen by an expert. So, ask yourself, why talk with a computer when you can talk with Dr. Mandel Sher?

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