Dr. Sher: Hitting It Outta the (Cough) Park: Baseball as a Metaphor

Baseball can be a metaphor for Cough and Dr. Mandel Sher’s approach to Cough evaluation and management.  As this is Opening Week of 2017 Major League Baseball season, let’s have some fun using baseball terms to describe Dr. Sher’s approach.  Baseball as a metaphor – Play Ball!…

  • BATTING 1,000: Dr. Sher and the Center for Cough team understand frustration and worry accompany most Cough patients and families to their visit.  With that perspective, Dr. Sher and the team really try to get everything that really matters right all of the time:  Excellent Service, Satisfying and Productive Office Visit,  Communication with Other Physicians, and Cough Relief.  Our Cough patients’ satisfaction and gratitude lead us to believe that our efforts on behalf of each patient each time are Batting 1,000.
  • HEAVY HITTER and BIG LEAGUE: Dr. Mandel Sher is PLAYING IN THE MAJOR LEAGUE.  He is one of a handful of Cough experts in the United States and is collaborating with Cough colleagues worldwide to shift the Cough paradigm and improve Chronic Cough outcomes.  Dr. Sher’s “Heavy Hitter” in the “Major League” status includes:
    • Vast and long-term Chronic Cough patient population
    • Leads national clinical research trials for new Cough drugs
    • Lectures to physician audiences at professional meetings on cutting-edge approaches to evaluating and managing Chronic Cough
    • Consistently selected by his doctor peers as a “Best Doctor”
    • USF Health Professor
    • Trains physicians to become Allergy, Asthma and Immunology specialists – over 100 trainees to date and still counting
  • BRAND NEW BALL GAME: It’s a Brand New Ballgame for Chronic Cough evaluation, treatment and management.  A new paradigm includes the role of nerve endings at the back of the throat as a catalyst for Chronic Cough.  Even for those patients who have seen other doctors for their Cough and have failed other Cough therapies, it is a “brand new ballgame” when they are evaluated and treated by Dr. Sher.
  • CLEANUP HITTER and CLOSER: For many Cough patients who have been Coughing for weeks, months, and sometimes years, and for those who have been seen by other doctors and tried other Cough therapies but are still Coughing, Dr. Sher closes the Cough deal with a recommendation for an effective and sustainable solution.   
  • IT AIN’T OVER TILL IT’S OVER: Dr. Sher NEVER gives-up on figuring-out and helping a patient with Cough.  He gets the job done!
  • GRAND SLAM: Chronic Cough is rarely the result of one factor.  Most often, the cause(s) and trigger(s) of Chronic Cough are multi-factorial.  Dr. Sher’s comprehensive diagnostic approach addresses symptoms and underlying conditions.  Unlike many other doctors’ “rule-out” and sequential one-base-at-a-time treatment approach, Dr. Sher’s comprehensive treatment approach often includes medication, voice exercise therapy, diet and lifestyle changes simultaneously.
  • HITS IT OUT OF THE PARK: Mandel Sher and Center for Cough achieve REMARKABLE SUCCESS!  Dr. Sher’s Chronic Cough success rate is STUNNING!  Over 85% of Dr. Sher’s Cough patients demonstrate a measurable decrease in Cough frequency and report an overall improvement in the quality of daily life.

Cough that won’t go away is not normal and may be an indication of an underlying serious medical condition.  Contact Dr. Mandel Sher and the all-star Center for Cough team:  727-393-8067.