Center For Cough Doctor Mandel R. Sher

Dr. Mandel Sher, Co-Author: American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting Features Dr. Sher’s and Co-Authors’ Clinical Research Study Findings

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Co-Author on a paper that presented the results from a Phase 2 clinical research study of a new drug (Merck’s MK-7264) for the treatment of Chronic Cough. Dr. Sher is one of the nation’s leading

Center For Cough Doctor Mandel R. Sher

Dr. Sher’s and Co-Authors’ results from clinical research study of new Chronic Cough treatment were presented by Dr. Jacky Smith at American Thoracic Society 113th Annual Conference

of new Chronic Cough therapies.  There are currently no approved therapies for the treatment of chronic cough.

Dr. Sher’s esteemed colleague and co-author, Dr. Jacky Smith, professor of respiratory medicine at the University of Manchester and University Hospital Manchester NHS Foundation Trust presented the paper at the American Thoracic Society 113th Annual Conference 2017 in Washington D.C. this week.

“There is a significant unmet need for effective treatments for chronic cough,” said Dr. Jacky Smith.  We are encouraged by the results of the MK-7264 study and look forward to further evaluations of this investigational therapy.”

MK-7264 is taken by mouth and is non-narcotic.  Doctors Smith and Sher and their other co-authors reported that the drug reduced the number of coughs per hour and reduced patient-reported cough severity.  Some patients experienced an alteration in taste.  Merck plans to discuss these results and the next phase of clinical development for MK-7264 with regulatory agencies later this year.

“These results, from the largest study to date in chronic cough, provide evidence to continue evaluating MK-7264,” said Dr. Andrew M. Tershakovec, executive director, clinical research, Merck Research Laboratories. “We look forward to further discussions with regulatory agencies this year to discuss next steps.”

Dr. Mandel Sher leads clinical research studies for the treatment of Chronic Cough at Center for Cough.  Participation in clinical research studies is always voluntary and only permitted if patients meet clinical eligibility criteria.  Health insurance is not required for participation.

New clinical research studies for Chronic Cough are beginning soon.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Amy, Clinical Research Nurse, at Center for Cough:  727-393-8067.