Be a Cough Success Story : Innovating, Educating, & Advocating for Cough

Be a Cough Success Story. Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team are so inspired by their Cough patients’ Success Stories and that energizes Dr. Sher to take to the road again.

Dr. Mandel Sher: Inspired & Energized by Center for Cough’s Patient Success Stories.

Dr. Mandel Sher is on the road again innovating, educating, advocating for Cough. Four days in four fabulous cities: Philadelphia, New York, Charleston, and Chicago. Dr. Sher is inspired by his Cough Patient Success Stories. As a Principal Investigator on Clinical Trials for Chronic Cough, also known as Persistent Cough, Dr. Sher is meeting with leading national and global doctors, researchers, and scientists to share information and observations as they work together to shape the future of Cough treatment and drugs. As a leading Cough Specialist in the United States, Dr. Sher will be addressing his physician colleagues on new paradigms in Chronic Cough evaluation and treatment. Exchanges among colleagues play a vital role in raising the medical community’s understanding of this under-diagnosed and under-treated common medical condition. Dr. Sher and Center for Cough team are thrilled with our many Cough Success Stories.

“Unexplained Persistent Cough” (in medical lingo) is often the conclusion of good doctors who have ruled-out serious underlying medical conditions such as lung cancer or COPD. Doctors often advise people with Chronic Cough to learn to live with it; BUT they should NOT – the consequences are too great.

Through Be a Cough Patient Success Story. Dr. Mandel Sher and his Cough colleagues consistent and continuous efforts, there is an EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE COUGH SOLUTION. Dr. Mandel Sher: Cough Doctor: 727-393-8067.

People suffering with Chronic Cough experience debilitating consequences including: fatigue, hoarseness, urinary incontinence, embarrassment, anxiety, depression, and disruption of personal, professional, and social relationships.

Dr. Sher and Center for Cough team share their Cough patients’ delight with the REMARKABLE Cough RELIEF AND RESOLUTION they are achieving. Over 8 out of 10 Center for Cough patients demonstrate a measurable reduction in Cough frequency and report an overall vast improvement in quality of life. You or someone who you care about and are worried about their Cough that won’t go away can be one of our Cough Patient Success stories.

Please contact Dr. Mandel Sher & Center for Cough: 727-393-8067.