Cough, Scratchy Throat, Headache

Headache, Cough, Scratchy Throat: Allergies or COVID

COVID-cough, allergic-cough, asthma-cough, chronic cough, sometimes it is hard to know what’s what. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and members of her family have tested positive for COVID-19. Cough, scratchy throat, headaches and other common COVID symptoms are also seasonal allergy symptoms. Mayor Bottoms and some of her family have seasonal allergies and therefore thought the symptoms were allergy related. “I felt like I have seasonal allergies: Scratchy throat, headache, and all the things that come with allergies. My husband was sleeping a lot. He has allergies too so I thought it was his allergies too.” (Mayor Bottoms)

Covid-cough can be present during active virus, linger long after the virus is gone, and then become Chronic Cough. A Chronic Cough should not become part of your new normal. Advanced diagnostic approach and comprehensive, evidence based cough treatment approach distinguish Dr. Mandel Sher as one of the nation’s foremost cough experts and Center for Cough as a leading clinical research site for novel cough therapies. Dr. Mandel Sher will help resolve Chronic Cough, in fact, over 85% of patients diagnosed and treated at Center for Cough demonstrate measurable relief and report a vast improvement in the quality of their daily lives.

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