Cough: Scratches the Itch in the Back of the Throat

Cough scratches the itch in the back of your throat. Unlike other places on the body where we use hands and fingers to scratch an itch, we cannot used hands and fingers to scratch an itch in the back of the throat. Itch in the back of the throat is often referred to as a tickle in the back of the throat.

“Cough scratches the itch in the back of the throat. If you stop the tickle in the back of the throat, then the urge to cough will decrease and less cough will be produced. “ (Dr. Mandel Sher, Founder of the Center for Cough)

Why do we Cough? Dr. Mandel Sher, Founder and Medical Director of Center for Cough says Cough is the body and brain’s way of scratching the itch in the back of your throat. There are many good and productive reasons for Coughing. Cough that lasts for eight weeks or longer is a Chronic Cough. ChroniChronic Cough that is ruled out as being a symptom of a serious underlying medical problem, has no productive value. Rather, it is a debilitating medical condition that is annoying, embarrassing, and produces other medical byproducts such as urinary incontinence, hoarseness, constant throat clearing, anxiety, depression and more. The good news is that Chronic Cough can be effectively treated and even resolved.

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Do Pain, Chronic Cough, Itch, and Inflammation share a treatment approach? Bruce Bean, Ph.D. and Clifford Woolf, Ph.D., neurobiologists at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Bruce Levy, Pulmonologist and Critical Care doctor at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Nocion, a biotech company, want to find out. Doctors Bean and Woolf were focusing on pain and itch, while Dr. Levy’s laboratory was studying Cough. When the three put their heads together, simply put, they considered whether Cough might be produced as an itch in the airway. Learn more by clicking here:

According to Nocion’s website:

“Chronic cough, a condition that causes patients to often cough 60 to 100 time and hour for months and years, is one of the first indications Nocion is pursuing. It may seem surprising to jump from pain suppression with analgesics to cough, but cough is actually the “itch” of the lungs. 

” The unmet need is massive.” What folks don’t realize, even doctors, is that cough is the single most common reason why people in the United States seek medical attention.” (Dr. Peter Dicpinigaitis, Director of the Montefiore Cough Center in New York, Chair of the American Cough Conference, and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

While Nocion’s research is years away from being evaluated in human trials, it is yet another example of novel approaches being considered for the treatment of Chronic Cough and related medical conditions. Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough leads a comprehensive center dedicated to diagnosing and treating people with Chronic Cough. Dr. Sher also leads clinical trials to evaluate drugs being developed for Chronic Cough treatment and is a frequent contributor of the evolving paradigm of Chronic Cough to professional clinical and scientific societies.