Cough Lessons Learned: Thanksgiving’s Tasty Temptations are Tomorrow’s Cough

Ahhh…Thanksgiving was so nice.  You feel fine, but are Coughing.  You are prone to heartburn and maybe occasionally have some reflux.  Now you feel a Tickle in the Back of Your Throat, have an Urge to Cough, and are producing a Dry, Hacking Cough.  Why did Thanksgiving’s tasty temptations turn-into this week’s Chronic Cough?

Family traditions often involve lots of food, drink, and lively conversation around the table.  All the yummy gastronomic temptations and energetic catch-up with family and friends can distract us from realizing how much and how quickly we’re shoveling goodies into our mouths.  And now, that wonderful holiday meal and gathering that went down so nicely has triggered a nagging, dry Cough.  With Thanksgiving 2017 behind us, and the winter holidays  around the corner, what are the lessons learned for your Cough and managing temptations during celebrations?

WHAT you eat and drink.  HOW MUCH you eat and drink.  HOW QUICKLY you eat and drink.  WHAT you WEAR.  ACTIVITY after the meal…  ALL May Trigger REFLUX. 

REFLUX may TRIGGER Chronic Cough – But There May Also be an Underlying CAUSE.   Dr. Mandel Sher Relieves Persistent Cough by Treating Trigger(s) and Cause.  Call Dr. Sher Today:  727-393-8067.  Read what Center for Cough’s patients have to say in Patient Success stories.

Lesson learned from Thanksgiving:  Be MINDFUL about food choices, portion control, pace, clothing, and activity:

  • Rich foods, fatty foods, spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol are Reflux triggers;
  • Portion control really matters for your waistline and your Cough;
  • Slow Down!  Eating and drinking too much too quickly begets over indulging
  • Tight, fitted clothing is uncomfortable and can be a reflux trigger; and
  • Lying-down on the couch to enjoy the football game on t.v. promotes the acid from your stomach to flow up-into your throat and produce Cough.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Specialist.  He and the Center for Cough team are helping people suffering with Chronic Cough to achieve Remarkable  and Sustainable Cough Relief and Overall Improvement in Quality of Daily Life. 

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