Climb Every Mountain: Does High Altitude Affect Your Cough? Dr. Sher May Find-Out…

Does high altitude affect your cough?  One of Dr. Sher’s favorite recreational activities is hiking in the mountains and chatting with other hikers along the trails.  If they are coughing, you can be sure Dr. Sher asks them how the high altitude is affecting their cough.  The medical literature concludes that altitude-related Cough does exist.  It also states that dry, cold air is not the sole reason for altitude-related Cough.  But, our understanding of the reasons is not complete.

As the summer months approach and you plan to escape the heat and head to the mountains for some cool air, please let us know your Cough experience.  Dr. Mandel Sher and the Center for Cough team learn from our patients all the time.

Here’s Dr. Sher and his son, Michael, on a 2016 hiking trip out-west. “Happy Trails To You!”

Chronic Cough should not interfere with your relationships and enjoyment of life.   Do Not Learn to Live with Chronic Cough. Dr. Sher is a National Cough Expert.  Center for Cough patients experience


Over 85% demonstrate a measurable decrease in Cough frequency and report an overall improvement in their quality of life.

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