Chronic Cough and Non-Asthmatic Eosinophilic Bronchitis

Fractionated Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) is a diagnostic test to support a diagnosis of non-asthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis (NAEB)– There, we said it!  Both of these medical terms are mouthfuls that do not roll off the tongue easily.  But both are important in understanding another cause of Chronic Cough.  While NAEB is not as common a cause of Chronic Cough as asthma, GERD, postnasal drip, or irritated nerve endings at the back of the throat, NAEB is a cause that is under-diagnosed and under-treated and should not be overlooked.

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough is one of the few doctors in the Tampa Bay area and the west coast of Florida offering FeNO to make an accurate diagnosis and identify the underlying cause of Chronic Cough. 

FeNO is a relatively new, non-invasive, very accurate, easy, and inexpensive diagnostic test that trained doctors can use to support a diagnosis of asthma or non-asthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis.  NAEB has some of the same symptoms as asthma, but it is different.  Both asthma and non-asthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis can cause Chronic Cough and both can be treated and managed.

Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) challenge is a breath test that measures exhaled nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is produced in the lungs and increased levels of nitric oxide in the breath can point to lung inflammation and asthma.  FeNO helps Dr. Sher and other cough doctors to quickly give patients who are suffering with Chronic Cough an understanding of the underlying cause.  This information hastens effective cough treatment by saving time and reducing patient use of over-the-counter and prescription medications that do not target the cause of their cough and may have side effects.

FeNO is a non-invasive and easy-to-do breath challenge.  When performed by a doctor trained in this diagnostic test, the resulting information is used to target cough treatment, specifically corticosteroids.  FeNO involves a patient breathing into an analyzer a few times over a course of minutes.  A doctor specially trained in using FeNO can identify abnormal scores and determine asthma or non-asthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis. In both cases, inflammation irritates the airway and prompts coughing.

There are many underlying medical conditions that can cause and trigger Chronic Cough.  In order to effectively normalize a persistent Chronic Cough, it is critically important that the underlying cause of your unique Chronic Cough be accurately identified and that treatment be targeted.

Prolonged cough is not normal and you should not learn to live with it.  Persistent cough that just won’t go away is a Chronic Cough and it should not be ignored.  Cough can be an indication of a serious underlying medical condition.  Contact Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough for a solution that begins with accurate diagnosis and targeted cough treatment.