Changing Seasons: Cough Cough, Everyone Seems to be Sick

Fall began on Friday, September 22nd.  It seems since the arrival of autumn, everyone is coming down with a common cold or upper respiratory infection.  Changing seasons:  Cough Cough, Everyone Seems to be Sick.  What’s up with that?

Changing seasons bring changing outdoor temperatures and weather conditions. Different viruses flourish in different temperatures and weather environments.  So, the introduction of fall brings weather conditions conducive to the viruses that make people sick with common colds and upper respiratory infections.  And school and other gathering places that resume their normal schedules after long summer breaks, become natural breeding grounds for viruses to spread.

A common cold or upper respiratory infection may produce acute cough as a symptom.  But If The Cough Remains After the Cold or Upper Respiratory Infection is Gone, You May Now Have a Chronic Cough.  Persistent Cough that lingers, generally 8 weeks or longer, is not likely to go away with more time alone.  The cold or upper respiratory infection you had weeks ago and has since gone away may have triggered the mechanism in your body that produces Chronic Cough.  And Chronic Cough requires a different Cough treatment approach than acute cough associated with a common cold or upper respiratory infection.

Be vigilant.  If you or someone you know is Coughing for weeks after a common cold or upper respiratory infection is gone, then it is time to be evaluated and treated by a Cough Expert.  Cough begets more Cough.  That means, the more you Cough, the more you will Cough.

Early intervention and early treatment of Persistent Cough is beneficial.  Accurate diagnosis of Persistent Cough and a Targeted and Effective Cough Treatment Plan:

  • Minimizes the time to be suffering with an annoying and embarrassing Cough that can result in sleepless nights
  • Avoids the side effects that can be associated with other over-the-counter and prescription medications that do not effectively address Chronic Cough
  • Saves money that may be wasted with doctor visits and medications that do not address Chronic Cough

Dr. Mandel Sher is a leading and nationally renown Cough Doctor: 727-393-8067.  

Dr. Sher established Center for Cough to give specific focus and identity to the medical condition known as Chronic Cough or Persistent Cough.  Center for Cough’s results are REMARKABLE!  Over 8 out of 10 patients achieve measurable cough relief and report a meaningful improvement in the quality of overall life.  Dr. Sher’s treatment approach is a blend of evidence-based medicine practice with innovation derived from his role as a leading investigator of Clinical Research Studies and contributor to medical literature.

Changing seasons: Cough Cough, Different Viruses Flourish and Make People Sick