2017-2018 FLU Season is Here! Persistent Cough Implications

2017-2018 FLU Season is Here!  Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough encourages all people to get a 2017-2018 flu vaccine – now!  It’s the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself and your friends and family from the 2017-2018 flu.  Dr. Sher says, “Getting a flu shot is the patriotic thing to do.”  The more people who get vaccinated, the more people will be protected from flu.  While flu is uncomfortable for everyone, it can result in very serious complications, and even death, for older people, very young children, pregnant women, and people with certain long-term health conditions who are medically vulnerable.

People with Chronic Cough are at higher risk for having complications associated with flu.  Persistent Cough often has underlying respiratory conditions, such as allergies and/or asthma,  that may be exacerbated by flu.

It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body that protect against flu.   CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get a flu vaccine.  To optimize effectiveness, getting vaccinated by end of October 2017 is best.  But, better later than never – Flu vaccination after October can still offer some benefits.  Flu season generally begins in October, peaks in December through February, and continues through May 2018.  According to the CDC:

ONLY injectable flu vaccine is recommended for this 2017-2018 flu season.  Nasal spray flu vaccine is not recommended.

Dr. Sher is frequently asked: “ Can I get a flu vaccine if I am allergic to eggs?” According to the CDC, the answer is:  YES! The CDC’s recommendations for people with egg allergies are:

  • People who have experienced only hives after exposure to egg can get any licensed flu vaccine that is otherwise appropriate for their age and health.
  • People who have symptoms other than hives after exposure to eggs, such as angioedema, respiratory distress, lightheadedness, or recurrent emesis; or who have needed epinephrine or another emergency medical intervention, also can get any licensed flu vaccine that is otherwise appropriate for their age and health, but the vaccine should be given in a medical setting and be supervised by a health care provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic conditions.  People with egg allergies no longer have to wait 30 minutes after receiving their vaccine.

Flu vaccine is now available with Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough, and is also widely available in the community.   Help yourself, your loved ones, and your community to avoid illness, possible hospitalizations, and missed work and school.  Please get a flu vaccine – now!

Dr. Mandel Sher:  Nationally Renown Cough Expert:  727-393-8067.






Are You Over-Thinking Chronic Cough?

Are you over-thinking chronic cough?

Are you over-thinking your Chronic Cough? Certainly you’re feeling tired, depressed, and blah… who wouldn’t?  Your nagging Chronic Cough is interrupting your and/or your partner’s sleep.  Your hacking Chronic Cough is embarrassing you and annoying to those around you so you are staying home and feeling socially isolated.  Your Chronic Cough seems to be relentless.  You’ve seen lots of doctors and tried lots of Cough remedies but you’re still coughing and feeling blah about ever feeling better.  But could there be some underlying psychological conditions contributing to how you’re feeling?  Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team address the multiple factors that could be contributing to unexplained Chronic Cough.  This COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT APPROACH is helping patients to achieve REMARKABLE COUGH RELIEF RESULTS.

Does unexplained Chronic Cough make you feel worse than people who have a medical diagnosis for why they are coughing like Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  or people who don’t cough at all?  YES!

A recently published research study demonstrates that people with unexplained Chronic Cough really do experience more fatigue, depression, and overall low moods than people who know why they are coughing or people who don’t cough at all.  The researchers conclude:  “The prevalence of fatigue, low mood, negative illness beliefs and increased physical symptom reporting should be considered in consultation and in developing novel interventions for Chronic Refractory Cough patients.”

Dr. Mandel Sher  and Center for Cough team offer patients COMPREHENSIVE Cough Treatment aimed at the multiple triggers and consequences associated with unexplained Chronic Cough.  Dr. Sher pursues multiple cough treatment pathways simultaneously rather than sequentially, leading to RAPID, REMARKABLE and SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.  Over 8 out of 10 patients demonstrate measurable decrease in cough frequency and report improvement in overall quality of life – even for those patients who have tried and failed other cough therapies.

Dr. Mandel Sher is one of the nation’s leading Cough Doctors.  In addition to effectively resolving Chronic Cough for patients, Dr. Sher collaborates with global scientists and researchers to develop new Cough drugs, and is a frequent contributor to the medical community’s literature and professional society meetings.

If you or someone you care about is suffering with a Cough that won’t go away, please contact Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough:   727-393-8067.



Changing Seasons: Cough Cough, Everyone Seems to be Sick

Fall began on Friday, September 22nd.  It seems since the arrival of autumn, everyone is coming down with a common cold or upper respiratory infection.  Changing seasons:  Cough Cough, Everyone Seems to be Sick.  What’s up with that?

Changing seasons bring changing outdoor temperatures and weather conditions. Different viruses flourish in different temperatures and weather environments.  So, the introduction of fall brings weather conditions conducive to the viruses that make people sick with common colds and upper respiratory infections.  And school and other gathering places that resume their normal schedules after long summer breaks, become natural breeding grounds for viruses to spread.

A common cold or upper respiratory infection may produce acute cough as a symptom.  But If The Cough Remains After the Cold or Upper Respiratory Infection is Gone, You May Now Have a Chronic Cough.  Persistent Cough that lingers, generally 8 weeks or longer, is not likely to go away with more time alone.  The cold or upper respiratory infection you had weeks ago and has since gone away may have triggered the mechanism in your body that produces Chronic Cough.  And Chronic Cough requires a different Cough treatment approach than acute cough associated with a common cold or upper respiratory infection.

Be vigilant.  If you or someone you know is Coughing for weeks after a common cold or upper respiratory infection is gone, then it is time to be evaluated and treated by a Cough Expert.  Cough begets more Cough.  That means, the more you Cough, the more you will Cough.

Early intervention and early treatment of Persistent Cough is beneficial.  Accurate diagnosis of Persistent Cough and a Targeted and Effective Cough Treatment Plan:

  • Minimizes the time to be suffering with an annoying and embarrassing Cough that can result in sleepless nights
  • Avoids the side effects that can be associated with other over-the-counter and prescription medications that do not effectively address Chronic Cough
  • Saves money that may be wasted with doctor visits and medications that do not address Chronic Cough

Dr. Mandel Sher is a leading and nationally renown Cough Doctor: 727-393-8067.  

Dr. Sher established Center for Cough to give specific focus and identity to the medical condition known as Chronic Cough or Persistent Cough.  Center for Cough’s results are REMARKABLE!  Over 8 out of 10 patients achieve measurable cough relief and report a meaningful improvement in the quality of overall life.  Dr. Sher’s treatment approach is a blend of evidence-based medicine practice with innovation derived from his role as a leading investigator of Clinical Research Studies and contributor to medical literature.

Changing seasons: Cough Cough, Different Viruses Flourish and Make People Sick

Urine Leakage and Persistent Cough: Double Whammy Embarrassment

Women and Men with Chronic Cough May Occasionally Experience Urine Leakage

Urine leakage and Persistent Cough…Sometimes, for some people with Chronic Cough, they go hand-in-hand.  As if feeling embarrassed by your Chronic Cough isn’t enough, you may occasionally leak urine when you Cough.  Urine leakage may be happening because Chronic Cough is a pressure increasing activity that may tax your pelvic muscles and urinary sphincter.  You may be more likely to leak urine when you Cough if your bladder is full.  This form of urinary incontinence is called “stress incontinence.”  Women leak urine when they Cough more often than men, but it does affect both men and women.

Dr. Mandel Sher addresses management of urine leakage when it is associated with Persistent Cough.  It is part of a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan for Chronic Cough.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a nationally renown Cough Specialist.  In addition to caring for adults with an unexplained cough that won’t go away, Dr. Sher leads clinical research studies evaluating potential new Cough drugs, and is a frequent contributor to advancing the medical, scientific and research communities understanding and treatment of Chronic Cough.  Dr. Mandel Sher’s and Center for Cough’s care and services are evidence -based medicine blended with the innovative approach that comes from Dr. Sher being on the cutting-edge of groundbreaking Cough treatment.

Dr. Sher’s Chronic Cough patients are achieving remarkable real and sustainable results!  Over 8 out of 10 Persistent Cough patients at Dr. Sher’s Center for Cough, demonstrate a measurable decrease in Cough frequency and report an overall improvement in quality of life – even when they have seen other doctors and failed other Cough therapies.

Contact:  Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough:  727-393-8067. www.centerforcough



Decluttering Hurricane Style: What I Learned About Myself During Hurricane Irma

First and most importantly, I hope Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team’s patients and families throughout Florida and Georgia came through Hurricane Irma relatively unscathed.  (Center for Cough’s practice location is experiencing a temporary power outage.  In the meantime, Dr. Sher is available 24/7.  Please call:  1-877-381-1131 and the after-hours answering service will connect you with Dr. Sher.)  Thank You to all the people and professionals who demonstrate acts of loving kindness and responsiveness to lighten the load of others.  I am a Center for Cough team member who learned a lot about myself during Hurricane Irma and am grateful for the lesson learned.  “Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Life,” a currently popular mantra and activity, was actualized during my hurricane preparation and evacuation.  Until Hurricane Irma, weeding through “stuff” into the “yes” and “no” piles was a weekend recreational activity.  Decluttering hurricane style clarified what is the “stuff” that must stay.

4:24 AM Saturday a text message announced Tampa Bay was Irma’s direct hit target.  Our extended family decided to evacuate – NOW.  No time to think.  No time to take “stuff.”  Like others in history, often for different reasons, who have fled their homes in darkness with the hope of finding safe haven, we left.  My great grandparents’ candlesticks and photo albums – the treasures I had always imagined I would grab during emergency planning – left.  My husband, our dog, me, medications, food and drink for the road, cell phones and chargers, and a change of clothes and shoes – that was it.  We kissed our doorpost goodbye and left.  Now here’s what I learned about myself:

I didn’t look back.  I didn’t have a fleeting thought of “I should have…” All of my prayers were focused on the safety and well being of our family, friends, and community.  Our “stuff”is the color of the life we have built, but it’s all dispensable.  Decluttering hurricane style demonstrated that even “stuff” that brings joy and gives meaning can be left behind.  The memories are ours forever.

So grateful.  So much wiser.  A loved-one’s hand in yours and a furry friend lying his head on your lap – those are the treasures that are the cornerstones of our lives.  Now this wisdom is ours too.  Decluttering like your life may depend on it – we will be sharing much of our “stuff” with others who really need it.  I know now we can live without it.

We all go forward – together.


The Importance of CONTINUITY: People with Chronic Cough and Other Chronic Medical Conditions Require Special Preparation Before, During & After a Hurricane

People with Chronic Cough & Chronic Medical Conditions Require Special Hurricane Preparedness

Right on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, our State of Florida is in harm’s way from Hurricane Irma.  While Irma’s path  is unknown at this writing, many Floridians and specifically, many of Dr. Mandel Sher’s Chronic Cough patients on the Gulf Coast of Florida, East Coast of Florida, throughout the State of Florida and Southeast region of the United States will be affected.  So, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The Importance of Continuity: People with Chronic Cough and other Chronic Medical Conditions Require Special Preparation Before, During & After a Hurricane. 

People with Persistent Cough often have more than one Chronic Medical Condition.  For example, Asthma is a Chronic Respiratory Condition that acts as an irritant and triggers Chronic Cough.  It is vitally important to the health and welfare of people with Chronic Medical Conditions to be vigilant before, during, and after a hurricane, especially about medications.

Please abide by the universal preparedness guidelines for a hurricane.  In addition, if you or someone you love has a Chronic Medical Condition, then please consider the following  tips to optimize Continuity during a disaster:  People with Chronic Cough and other Chronic Medical Conditions Require Special Preparation Before, During & After a Hurricane:  

  • Medication Continuity & Supply: Interruption of medication regimens before, during, and after a storm was the single largest contributor to acute illnesses and Emergency Room visits during Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.  Medication supply and/or your access to a pharmacy for medication refills may be limited before, during and after a hurricane.  Be sure to have enough medication on-hand to last the entire storm period including the aftermath and cleanup.
  • Early Evacuation: Community evacuation shelters can be particularly hard for older people or people chronic medical conditions.  Sleep conditions, food and water, and personal hygiene may be compromised.  Infections may be spread.  If evacuation is anticipated, please consider evacuating early to a safe destination to avoid the trauma associated with moving to and living in a shelter.
  • Medication Knowledge: Keep a list of your medications with you.  If your physician or hospital is inaccessible during and after a disaster, you may not have access to your medical record.
  • Expectations for Your Chronic Cough: Hurricanes may introduce or exaggerate environmental irritants that stimulate Cough frequency and intensity.  Be aware of increased dryness, throat tickle and urge to cough.
  • Minimize DisasterRelated Stress: Stress exacerbates underlying bodily functions which in turn increases the severity of the Chronic Medical Condition.  For example, consider the adverse impact of stress on blood pressure and hypertension.  Hurricanes can be traumatic and disaster-related stress is a likely consequence.  So, while it may not be possible to avoid, try to minimize.
  • Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude and Be Kind to One Another: After all, it can always be worse.

Dear Center for Cough patients and fellow Floridians, stay safe.  Here’s to you and yours good health and welfare.  Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team:  727-393-8067.

To Our Persistent Cough Patients from Texas and Louisiana: An Open Letter

Dr. Mandel Sher’s Chronic Cough Patients from Texas and Louisiana

To  Dr. Mandel Sher’s Cough Patients from Texas and Louisiana:  An Open Letter

The devastation is hard for us to imagine.  The immediate and longer-term toll on life, health, property, economy and so much more pose what may now seem like insurmountable challenges.  But based on the determination and perseverance demonstrated by Dr. Mandel Sher’s Cough patients who travel from Texas and Louisiana for his Cough expertise, we are optimistic that relief and recovery lie ahead.    We understand that travel plans for Cough patients who normally travel from Texas or Louisiana to see Dr. Mandel Sher may temporarily be interrupted.   So, the purpose of this open letter to Center for Cough’s Cough patients from Texas and Louisiana is to reach-out and express our concern, support, and gratitude for you and all those professional and civilian responders who are helping you and yours.

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough understand that our Cough patients from Texas and Louisiana may experience an exacerbation of their Chronic Cough due to Cough irritants.  In addition, Texans who were not suffering with Chronic Cough before Harvey’s flooding and standing water may now find themselves with a persistent cough triggered by environmental irritants.

Allergies and Asthma, are Cough irritants that may be stimulated from mold and environmental factors associated with Hurricane Harvey.   Even people who have not had Chronic Cough before Hurricane Harvey may find that they are “hard-wired” to cough and recently introduced or exaggerated environmental irritants may trigger cough. 

Here are some of the health affects Dr. Mandel Sher’s Cough patients from Texas and Louisiana might anticipate:

  • Increased Cough Frequency and Intensity: One of the potential consequences of flooding and standing water is mold.  Mold can trigger allergies and/or asthma.  And, allergies and/or asthma can trigger Chronic Cough.
  • Stomach Distress: Our Cough patients who experience a dry persistent cough are advised to sip, sip, sip water to stay hydrated and lubricated.  Another potential consequence of flooding and standing water is contamination of a water source.  And, contaminated water source can result in stomach distress.
  • Mosquito Borne Illnesses: Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  At best, mosquitoes are pesky annoyances.  At worst, mosquito borne illnesses such as West Nile virus and Zika can result in health effects.
  • Stress, Anxiety and/or Depression: Hurricane Harvey and its impact are traumatic.  The mental health challenges affect everyone – those people with existing stress, anxiety and/or depression conditions as well as give rise to new conditions.

Thank You to the people of Texas and Louisiana for demonstrating determination, resiliency, and kindness to one another while weathering this storm.  Dr. Mandel Sher’s and Center for Cough team’s hearts and thoughts are with you.  727-393-8067.

Throat Tickle and Urge to Throat Clear: Throat Clearing is a Form of Cough


Chronically Clearing Your Throat Because It Feels Like There’s Something There…

Are you constantly throat clearing to get rid of the tickle and urge to clear your throat?  Throat Clearing is a form of Persistent Cough.

Throat Clearing leads to more Throat Clearing just as Chronic Cough begets more cough.  Break the cycle!  Learn how to quiet the tickle and fight the urge.  Dr. Mandel Sher offers comprehensive treatment and real, sustainable, and remarkable results:  727-393-8067

Both Chronic Cough and Constant Throat Clearing are symptoms of underlying medical condition(s), and often the only symptom present. People who experience Chronic Throat Clearing, like Persistent Cough, report an urge to get rid of a feeling like there’s something stuck in the back of their throat.  But when they give-into the urge and throat clear or cough, rarely is there anything there.   And, both share similar anatomical, personal and professional consequences including irritated vocal cords, embarrassment for the throat clearer, and annoyance for the people hearing this repetitive and grating sound.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a national leader in relieving Chronic Cough:  727-393-8067.  His approach is rooted in state-of-the-art, evidence-based medicine blended with cutting-edge innovation derived from Center for Cough’s clinical research and Dr. Sher’s contributions to continuing physician education. 

Each consultation results in a comprehensive, integrated, and rapid response treatment plan that is compatible with each person’s unique circumstances.  The results are REMARKABLE!  Motivation is a key ingredient to success.  In some cases, a family member, friend, or colleague is the one who schedules an appointment with Dr. Sher and accompanies the patient to the appointment. 

We all clear our throats from time-to-time to get rid of a feeling of fullness, but like cough, it irritates the vocal cords and perpetuates the cycle.  Irritated vocal cords cause us to notice otherwise routine and unnoticeable functions such as swallowing the mucous our bodies naturally make daily.  The more we notice this sensation, the more we have an urge to throat clear or cough, and the more we do, the more we have to.

Chronic Throat Clearing, like Chronic Cough, often begins with an upper respiratory infection, allergies, acid or non-acid reflux, and/or medication.  But the habit of throat clearing or coughing continues long after the initial event.  Treatment of Chronic Throat Clearing, like Persistent Cough, may include behavioral and voice therapy components to break the cycle.

You have so much to contribute and say.  Don’t let Chronic Throat Clearing and Coughing be a distraction.  Crack the Chronic Throat Clearing and Coughing Puzzle and achieve real and sustainable relief.  Contact Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team:  727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com





Our Nation Needs You: The Importance of Clinical Trials

Dr. Mandel Sher is a leading clinical investigator for Chronic Cough

Our Nation Needs You… to Volunteer…  Remember this image of  Uncle Sam aiming his pointer finger at the viewer with the slogan “We Need You?”  Imagine replacing Uncle Sam with the Director of the National Institutes of Health speaking about the importance of volunteering for clinical trials.  We Need You!  Clinical trials can move scientific discoveries from the lab to the patient bedside.  Our nation needs more Americans to volunteer in clinical trials to continue to make medical advances.  Our Nation Needs You to Volunteer!

Dr. Mandel Sher is a leading investigator of Chronic Cough clinical trials.  Dr. Sher works with global researchers, scientists, and physicians to evaluate Chronic Cough medications.  Contact Nurse Amy:  727-210-3259 ,to join Center for Cough’s open Cough studies currently enrolling adults who are Coughing for 1 year or longer.    

Participation in clinical research may have longer-term and short-term benefits.  According to Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D. Director of the National Institutes of Health:

“We need to spread the word about the value of participating in clinical trials.  Signing up for a clinical trial may indeed benefit medical research and help future generations.  But it is not strictly an altruistic endeavor.  In many instances, trial participants do gain personal advantages, such as, improved disease outcomes or better health.  (emphasis added) And we should not be shy about telling that story.”  https://www.nih.gov/sites/default/files/about-nih/nih-director/articles/collins/importance-of-clinical-trials.pdf

Sometimes, people do not enroll simply because they do not know about the availability and potential benefits of clinical trials.  Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team want you to know.

Please contact Center for Cough’s dedicated Research Nurse Coordinator, Nurse Amy, at:  727-210-3259.  Learn how you can join our efforts to advance the treatment of Chronic Cough.


Dr Sher treats patients from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and across the USA

Calling All Coughers! Dr. Sher is Looking For Participants to Help Evaluate a New Cough Drug

Dr Sher treats patients from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and across the USA

Dr.Sher and Center for Cough are currently enrolling patients in Cough studies.

Calling All Coughers!  Dr. Sher is Looking For Participants to Help Evaluate a New Cough Drug.  Please call 727-210-3259 to Speak with Nurse Amy Directly and Join Our Effort: 727-210-3259

Dr. Mandel Sher is a leading investigator of new cough medications.  Dr. Sher advises national and global scientists and researchers developing new cough drugs.  Center for Cough has been conducting national and global pharmaceutical trials since 2009.

Center for Cough conducts clinical research studies as part of the process of FDA approval for new Chronic Cough treatment options. These studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and give patients who qualify, and volunteer to participate in these studies, access to the most current treatment options before they become available to the general public.  Here is some general information about the current  Cough studies at Center for Cough:

  • Women and men over 18 years of age with Chronic Cough are eligible to participate
  • Health insurance is NOT necessary to participate
  • Study medications, labs, examinations, and other medical tests are provided at no cost to eligible patients
  • Participation in research studies is always voluntary
  • Volunteers are carefully selected based on meeting specific criteria

Center for Cough’s full-time Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator, Amy, is the primary contact for research volunteers.  Amy has over 35 years of experience in patient care, most helping patients with respiratory disorders.

Dr. Sher and Center for Cough team appreciates the contribution to Chronic Cough treatment being made by research study volunteers.  Chronic Cough in the United States is an under-diagnosed, under-treated, and under-appreciated medical condition.  Approximately 12% of the population suffers personal, social, and professional consequences from this embarrassing, annoying and worrisome condition. 

Dr. Mandel Sher WILL help you relieve the frequency and intensity of your Cough.  Contact Dr. Sher and Take Back Your Life:  727-393-8067.