“C-H-R-O-N-I-C:” “C” is for……(a la Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E)

“C-H-R-O-N-I-C”:  “C” is for … Remember Nat King Cole’s lyrics for “L-O-V-E?”    “C” is for…

C:  CONDITION.  CONSTANT.  Cough symptom may come and go BUT the CONDITION is CONSTANT and NOT GOING AWAY by ITSELF. 

H:  “Hypersensitive Cough Response,” that TICKLE in the BACK of YOUR THROAT THAT MAKES YOU COUGH.


O:  ONLY.  You may think you are the ONLY ONE who has Chronic Cough – BUT you’re not.  It affects approximately 12 percent of the population.  You are NOT alone.

N:  NAGGING.  That generally Dry and Hacking Cough.


C:  C-H-R-O-N-I-C Cough.

Chronic Cough doesn’t have to be all that.  It is a Chronic medical condition that can be successfully managed.  You can have relief and enhance the overall quality of your daily life.

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center For Cough are their patients partners in Cough relief.  The RESULTS ARE REMARKABLE!  Over 85% of Dr. Sher’s patients with Chronic Cough demonstrate a meaningful and measurable reduction in Cough frequency and intensity AND report an overall improvement in the quality of life.

What are you waiting for?  Contact Dr. Mandel Sher and Center For Cough today:  727-393-8067.  www.centerforcough.com

If It’s Orlando, Then It’s Chronic Cough at Florida Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Society

Dr. Mandel Sher Presents “New Paradigms in Chronic Cough” to More than 100 Allergist Colleagues in State of Florida

If it’s Orlando, it must be the annual meeting of The Florida Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Society.  More than 100 specialists in allergy, asthma, and immunology will be gathering in Orlando from June 30 to July 2.

Dr. Mandel Sher will be participating in the Florida Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Society meeting as faculty speaking to  colleagues on “New Paradigms in Cough.”  Dr. Sher is excited to share recent advances in Chronic Cough treatment with his allergy colleagues.  Many of Dr. Sher’s colleagues throughout the State of Florida refer Chronic Cough patients to him at Center For Cough. 

The Florida Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Society was established in 1949 with the following mission:

“To  promote the highest quality, evidence based, specialty care for patients with allergy, asthma and immunologic diseases. Florida Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Society  provides cutting-edge education to its patients, its members and to the health-care community at large while promoting the advancement of the specialty of allergy, asthma and immunology in the great state of Florida.”

Dr. Mandel Sher is proud to be a member of FAAIS.  He welcomes this opportunity to continue to educate the professional medical community about Chronic Cough and be an advocate for people suffering with Chronic Cough.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a renown national cough expert.  He is a contributing author and frequent lecturer on Chronic Cough to professional societies and physician audiences around the world.  In his efforts to advance Chronic Cough treatment, Dr. Sher works with scientists and researchers developing new cough drugs, and leads clinical research studies.

Cough that doesn’t go away is not normal.  Do Not Learn to Live With It.  Contact Dr. Mandel Sher at Center For Cough:  727-393-8067.  www.centerforcough.com 

Chronic Cough Talk: People with Chronic Cough Do Not Need To Be Coughing When They See Dr. Mandel Sher

CHRONIC COUGH TALK.  Unlike National Public Radio’s podcast, Car Talk, COUGH TALK is not a  laughing matter.  More importantly, people with Chronic Cough, who have been coughing for months or years, DO NOT NEED TO BE COUGHING WHEN THEY SEE DR. MANDEL SHER.


CHRONIC COUGH IS JUST THAT…CHRONIC!  THE SYMPTOM OF COUGHING MAY COME AND GO, BUT THE REASON FOR COUGHING IS NOT GOING to DISAPPEAR BY ITSELF.  People who are suffering with Chronic Cough may think that they are free from Cough when their symptoms decrease.


Like other chronic health conditions, Chronic Cough is a medical condition that can be EFFECTIVELY MANAGED and REDUCED TO LESSEN THE ADVERSE IMPACT ON YOUR OVERALL HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE.

Dr. Mandel Sher is one of very few dedicated Chronic Cough Experts in the United States.  All of Dr. Mandel Sher’s services are EVIDENCE-BASED medicine recognized by Medicare and private insurers. Dr. Sher is at the forefront of Chronic Cough science and research.  It is his APPROACH of listening and putting together the puzzle pieces that is INNOVATIVE.

The RESULTS for Dr. Sher’s Center For Cough patients are REMARKABLE!


Generally, Cough lasting 8 weeks or longer is Chronic Cough.  Time is a terrible thing to waste.  If you have a HISTORY of suffering with Chronic Cough, contact Dr. Mandel Sher at Center For Cough now:  727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com


Chronic Cough: Mood & Quality of Life Buster

Where in the world are there many Chronic Cough Specialists?  The United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and Japan are home to many of the global physician and scientific leaders in Chronic Cough.  Dr. Mandel Sher is just returning from presenting at The American Cough Conference where he enjoyed sharing updates on Chronic Cough with his global Chronic Cough colleagues.

Chronic Cough Negatively Affects Mood and Participation in Life

is one of very few Chronic Cough Specialists in the United States.  While based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, referring physicians and people suffering with Chronic Cough throughout the State of Florida and the Southeastern United States come to see Dr. Sher.  For many of these patients, Dr. Sher is their “last hope” for Cough relief and resolution.

The European community conducted an online survey, available in 12 languages, of 1,120 people from 29 different countries.  The study was published in the journal, Lung.  Most participants responded that the overall quality of their lives had been negatively affected by their cough – specifically their mood and participation in activities.   This finding is echoed by people with cough who are FINALLY motivated to call Dr. Mandel Sher’s Center for Cough:

“I used to sing in choir but can’t anymore.”  “Volunteering at church is really important to me but my constant coughing makes everyone act like they don’t want to be around me even though I know I’m not sick.”  “My family is worried about me.  They say I don’t sound healthy.”  “My job is on the line.  I have to talk to clients a lot and my constant coughing is distracting and a real turn-off.”

Dr. Mandel Sher and the Center For Cough team listen carefully to patients’ personal histories and observe that people who have been suffering with Chronic Cough for years, and even decades, express “HITTING THE WALL.”  Once they have made-up their minds that they are not going to learn to live with cough and that they are not going to give-up in-spite of visiting other doctors and trying but failing other cough treatments , they finally call Dr. Sher and want to be soon as soon as possible.






Dr. Sher on The Importance of Being Distinct: Establishing a Chronic Cough Identity

Doctors Kelkar and Sher Facilitate Workshop: American Cough Conference

“Chronic Cough is a distinct medical condition that deserves a distinct identity,”  says Dr. Mandel Sher.

Dr. Sher and his colleague, Dr. Pramod Kelkar of the Minneapolis area, will be sharing the podium at the Sixth American Cough Conference to facilitate a workshop on developing a cough center.  They will be speaking to an audience of global cough doctors, researchers, and scientists gathering in Reston, Virginia this Friday and Saturday, June 9 and 10.

Dr. Sher’s philosophy about the importance of establishing a distinct identify for Chronic Cough is rooted in his experience since creating Center For Cough in 2009.  Dr. Sher believes that a distinct identity, a unique fingerprint, for Chronic Cough is key to patient access, awareness and advocacy, and a focused approach to diagnosis and treatment.  Since opening Center for Cough, Dr. Sher has heard patients say over-and-over again that they didn’t know there is such a thing as a “cough doctor.”  Surprising given that cough is consistently the number one medical reason for visits to the doctor in the United States.

Dr. Sher’s ongoing outreach efforts target primary and specialty care physicians as well direct to prospective, current, and alumni patients.  The primary purpose of outreach initiatives is education which leads to awareness and results in timely intervention and effective treatment for people suffering with Chronic Cough.

Dr. Sher is the only doctor in the Southeast who has a distinct and dedicated focus on Chronic Cough.  There are very few Cough Doctors in the United States.  The American Cough Conference gathers Cough leaders and thinkers to discuss groundbreaking updates in Chronic Cough treatment.  Dr. Kelkar, Dr. Sher’s C0-Workshop facilitator, Dr. Peter Dicpinigatis, Chairman of the American Cough Conference and Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Director of Montefiore’s Cough Center in New York, Dr. Jacky Smith of University of Manchester in England and Dr. Sher’s Co-Author on recently published study results, along with many other friends and colleagues will be in attendance.

Cough that won’t go away is not normal and should be evaluated by a Cough Doctor.  Chronic Cough can be effectively treated to reduce cough frequency and cough severity and improve the overall quality of life – don’t learn to live with it.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher:  727-393-8067.




Congratulations Dr. Sher!: Gentleman and Fellow

Congratulations Dr. Sher!

Congratulations Dr. Mandel Sher!  Dr. Sher was promoted from a “Member” of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) to a “Fellow.”  The Credentials Committee and Board of Regents approved Dr. Sher’s qualifications and application for “Fellow” status at its May 2017 meeting.

“Fellow” status is a big deal!  It reflects the professional and personal accomplishments leading-up to that point.  The eligibility criteria to qualify as a “Fellow” include:

  • Physicians who are certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology who have taught for at least two years in a medical school or affiliated hospital OR have devoted 75 percent of their professional hours to the specialty.  Dr. Sher is a Professor at USF Health at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital who trains the next generation of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology doctors.
  • High moral, ethical, and professional standards attested to by three (3) physicians familiar with Dr. Sher.

You may wonder why this achievement should matter to you.  Quite simply, it’s because Dr. Sher constantly strives to be first-in-class.  He is consistently recognized by his peers for his dedication and excellence to patient care and advancing his peers’ knowledge and skills.  You may remember from an earlier blog that Dr. Sher has been selected by his peers as a “Best Doctor” every year since the honor was bestowed.  Most recently, Dr. Sher’s peers nominated him as the ONLY Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Specialist in Pinellas County to be a “Best Doctor.”

Dr. Sher is a frequent contributor at national professional society meetings.  So far in 2017, Dr. Sher has presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.  Dr. Sher has also contributed to the evolving body of knowledge on Cough by being a Co-Author on a paper reporting clinical research findings of a promising new Cough drug that was presented at the American Thoracic Society International Meeting in Washington, D.C. recently.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Nationally Renown Cough Expert.  He continuously strives to be his best in order to bring his patients and health care colleagues innovative approaches to effectively treating Chronic Cough.

Center for Cough’s Results are Remarkable!  Over 85% of Center for Cough patients demonstrate a measurable decrease in Cough Frequency and report a vast improvement in quality of life.

Dr. Mandel Sher for the Cough that Won’t Go Away:  727-393-8067.  www.centerforcough.com



Center For Cough Doctor Mandel R. Sher

Dr. Mandel Sher, Co-Author: American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting Features Dr. Sher’s and Co-Authors’ Clinical Research Study Findings

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Co-Author on a paper that presented the results from a Phase 2 clinical research study of a new drug (Merck’s MK-7264) for the treatment of Chronic Cough. Dr. Sher is one of the nation’s leading

Center For Cough Doctor Mandel R. Sher

Dr. Sher’s and Co-Authors’ results from clinical research study of new Chronic Cough treatment were presented by Dr. Jacky Smith at American Thoracic Society 113th Annual Conference

of new Chronic Cough therapies.  There are currently no approved therapies for the treatment of chronic cough.

Dr. Sher’s esteemed colleague and co-author, Dr. Jacky Smith, professor of respiratory medicine at the University of Manchester and University Hospital Manchester NHS Foundation Trust presented the paper at the American Thoracic Society 113th Annual Conference 2017 in Washington D.C. this week.

“There is a significant unmet need for effective treatments for chronic cough,” said Dr. Jacky Smith.  We are encouraged by the results of the MK-7264 study and look forward to further evaluations of this investigational therapy.”

MK-7264 is taken by mouth and is non-narcotic.  Doctors Smith and Sher and their other co-authors reported that the drug reduced the number of coughs per hour and reduced patient-reported cough severity.  Some patients experienced an alteration in taste.  Merck plans to discuss these results and the next phase of clinical development for MK-7264 with regulatory agencies later this year.

“These results, from the largest study to date in chronic cough, provide evidence to continue evaluating MK-7264,” said Dr. Andrew M. Tershakovec, executive director, clinical research, Merck Research Laboratories. “We look forward to further discussions with regulatory agencies this year to discuss next steps.”

Dr. Mandel Sher leads clinical research studies for the treatment of Chronic Cough at Center for Cough.  Participation in clinical research studies is always voluntary and only permitted if patients meet clinical eligibility criteria.  Health insurance is not required for participation.

New clinical research studies for Chronic Cough are beginning soon.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Amy, Clinical Research Nurse, at Center for Cough:  727-393-8067. 



Summer Vacation Can Challenge Your Cough

Summer vacation can challenge your Cough.  After all, vacation is very often a time to be-off your regular schedule, eat new and more foods, visit new places, and relax medication and exercise routines.  Fun for sure, but vacations can be challenging for managing your Cough.

Dr. Mandel Sher, nationally renowned Cough expert, will evaluate the triggers and cause of your Cough and recommend a customized Cough treatment plan that will deliver effective and sustainable Cough relief.  Learn how to manage your Cough and enhance your enjoyment of vacation.   Contact Center for Cough:  727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com.

As patients are checking-out and scheduling their next CENTER FOR COUGH appointment, we hear “…I’m going to be traveling over the summer” or “I’ll be away during the month of July…” or “I’m going back-up north and won’t be back in St. Pete until the fall.”  Of course, we remind patients that Dr. Sher and the CENTER FOR COUGH team will be staying-put and will be available if they have questions while they are away.  But we also remind patients to pay attention to how their daily summer vacation regimen may affect their cough.  Here are some of the tips we offer on how to manage summer vacation and your Cough:

  • Medication Compliance: Vacation-time is often a planned opportunity to deviate from daily routine – but that should not include your medications.  It is very important to remember to take your medications as prescribed.
  • Diet and Reflux: Vacations are a wonderful time to sample and enjoy new foods and some foods that you may usually forbid yourself from eating like chocolate and fatty foods.  You may find yourself eating more than usual.  Sometimes, vacations may also include more caffeine and alcohol.

    Summer Vacation Can Challenge Your Cough

    can act as a trigger of Chronic Cough.  So, if your Cough accelerates during vacation, evaluate your diet and consider the possibility of GERD triggering your Cough and the need for diet modification.

  • Climate: You may be vacationing in an area with a dry climate.  A dry climate may further dry-out your throat and trigger Cough.  If you are Coughing more frequently, consider the possibility of climate contributing to your Cough.  Sip…Sip…Sip.  Carry a water bottle with you.  Suck-on a Cough lozenge where pectin is the active ingredient.
  • Allergens: Could your cough be triggered by allergens found in the area you’re visiting?  Remember, while the peak of seasonal allergies may be waning in most areas of Florida, seasonal allergies in other destinations may just be getting underway.  So if allergy symptoms accompany worsening Cough, then consider allergens as the culprit.
  • Exercise: Voice therapy exercises and “hard swallowing” help alleviate Cough.  These exercises are easy-to-do and can be done quickly – even while sitting at a traffic light.  So, if your Cough is accelerating, remember to do your exercises.

Summer vacation may include many Cough triggers such as GERD, Dryness, Allergens, and inconsistent adherence to Medications and Exercise.  BUT the underlying reason you’re probably Coughing is that you are hard-wired and hot-wired to Cough.  Likely that the nerve endings at the back of your throat are super-sensitive and easily irritated to produce a Cough wildfire.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher at CENTER FOR COUGH for Effective and Sustainable Cough Relief.  Enjoy Vacation.  Enjoy Life:  727-393-8067.  www.centerforcough.com.


Celebrate Nursing Week 2017 – We Do!  Dr. Sher and CENTER FOR COUGH patients appreciate the difference our EXTRAORDINARY nurses make in patient care and patient experience. Featured below are just some of our talented and dedicated nursing team:  (from left to right, top to bottom:  Tiffanie, Bonnie, Amy, Leslie, Jess, Shaun, and Nurse Practitioner Lori).

National recognition of the tireless efforts of our nation’s nurses was a long time in the making.  In 1953, a proposal was sent to President Eisenhower to proclaim “Nurse Day” in October of the following year.  The proclamation was never made.  A bill for a “National Nurse Week” was introduced in the 1955 Congress, but no action was taken.  In 1972, another resolution was presented by the House of Representatives for the President to proclaim “National Registered Nurse Day;” again it did not occur.  Finally, in 1974 President Nixon issued a proclamation.  In 1982, the American Nurses Association Board of Directors formally acknowledged May 6, 1982 as “National Nurses Day.”  Now, National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday.
Dr. Sher is very fortunate that many of the nursing team members began their professional nursing career with him and are “growing up” alongside him.  Dr. Sher’s personal commitment to life-long learning and professional development are also hallmarks of the nursing team.  Professional societies, continuing education, and collegiality support a stimulating practice environment for our super-star nurses.
Thank You!

Climb Every Mountain: Does High Altitude Affect Your Cough? Dr. Sher May Find-Out…

Does high altitude affect your cough?  One of Dr. Sher’s favorite recreational activities is hiking in the mountains and chatting with other hikers along the trails.  If they are coughing, you can be sure Dr. Sher asks them how the high altitude is affecting their cough.  The medical literature concludes that altitude-related Cough does exist.  It also states that dry, cold air is not the sole reason for altitude-related Cough.  But, our understanding of the reasons is not complete.

As the summer months approach and you plan to escape the heat and head to the mountains for some cool air, please let us know your Cough experience.  Dr. Mandel Sher and the Center for Cough team learn from our patients all the time.

Here’s Dr. Sher and his son, Michael, on a 2016 hiking trip out-west. “Happy Trails To You!”

Chronic Cough should not interfere with your relationships and enjoyment of life.   Do Not Learn to Live with Chronic Cough. Dr. Sher is a National Cough Expert.  Center for Cough patients experience


Over 85% demonstrate a measurable decrease in Cough frequency and report an overall improvement in their quality of life.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough Today:  727-393-8067.