Be a Cough Success Story : Innovating, Educating, & Advocating for Cough

Be a Cough Success Story. Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team are so inspired by their Cough patients’ Success Stories and that energizes Dr. Sher to take to the road again.

Dr. Mandel Sher: Inspired & Energized by Center for Cough’s Patient Success Stories.

Dr. Mandel Sher is on the road again innovating, educating, advocating for Cough. Four days in four fabulous cities: Philadelphia, New York, Charleston, and Chicago. Dr. Sher is inspired by his Cough Patient Success Stories. As a Principal Investigator on Clinical Trials for Chronic Cough, also known as Persistent Cough, Dr. Sher is meeting with leading national and global doctors, researchers, and scientists to share information and observations as they work together to shape the future of Cough treatment and drugs. As a leading Cough Specialist in the United States, Dr. Sher will be addressing his physician colleagues on new paradigms in Chronic Cough evaluation and treatment. Exchanges among colleagues play a vital role in raising the medical community’s understanding of this under-diagnosed and under-treated common medical condition. Dr. Sher and Center for Cough team are thrilled with our many Cough Success Stories.

“Unexplained Persistent Cough” (in medical lingo) is often the conclusion of good doctors who have ruled-out serious underlying medical conditions such as lung cancer or COPD. Doctors often advise people with Chronic Cough to learn to live with it; BUT they should NOT – the consequences are too great.

Through Be a Cough Patient Success Story. Dr. Mandel Sher and his Cough colleagues consistent and continuous efforts, there is an EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE COUGH SOLUTION. Dr. Mandel Sher: Cough Doctor: 727-393-8067.

People suffering with Chronic Cough experience debilitating consequences including: fatigue, hoarseness, urinary incontinence, embarrassment, anxiety, depression, and disruption of personal, professional, and social relationships.

Dr. Sher and Center for Cough team share their Cough patients’ delight with the REMARKABLE Cough RELIEF AND RESOLUTION they are achieving. Over 8 out of 10 Center for Cough patients demonstrate a measurable reduction in Cough frequency and report an overall vast improvement in quality of life. You or someone who you care about and are worried about their Cough that won’t go away can be one of our Cough Patient Success stories.

Please contact Dr. Mandel Sher & Center for Cough: 727-393-8067.

Cough-Cough: Will Antibiotics Help?

Dr. Mandel Sher shares a guide to consider before asking your doctor for antibiotics.

Center for Cough’s telephones are ringing off the hook! So many people in St. Petersburg, Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Belleair, and other areas nearby Center for Cough’s office location are sneezing, coughing, having runny nose or nasal congestion, and are feeling and looking miserable. Is there a role for antibiotics? New and established patients are asking how quickly they can have an appointment with Dr. Sher. They’re wondering if they have a long-lasting cold or viral infection that’s been spreading like wild fire, or the flu, or pollen and seasonal allergy now that our cars and outdoor furniture are covered with yellowish dust. And most of all, they want to “take something” to feel better asap. Patients suffering with cough, cold, or flu symptoms have often tried home remedies and are now wondering about antibiotics. “Cough, Cold or the Flu? Know When Antibiotics Work for You,” “Check This Guide Before Asking Your Doctor for Antibiotics,” by two Infectious Disease doctors at Montefiore Health System in New York City, recently appeared in U.S. News & World Report. (Click link on bottom to read article)

Antibiotics can be lifesaving drugs. Like any medication, antibiotics can have side effects. Antibiotics may be effective in fighting bacterial infection, but generally are not effective for viral infection.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Doctor: 727-393-8067.

He specializes in helping people who are suffering with persistent or chronic cough, generally defined as cough lasting 8 weeks or longer. Chronic cough may be an indication of a serious underlying medical condition. But very often, chronic cough is THE problem. It may be triggered by viral infection, cold, flu, or allergy, but the cause is something else. Sometimes referred to as “unexplained chronic or persistent cough,” there is an explanation, and there is a cough solution.

Dr. Mandel Sher is one of the nation’s leading Cough doctors. Dr. Sher and the Center for Cough team are helping people who are suffering with Chronic Cough to achieve remarkable and sustainable results.. World-class cough care and lasting cough solution are a telephone call away: 727-393-8067.

“C” is for: Connectivity, Collaborative, Caring, Comprehensive,Chronic, & Cough

Dr.Mandel Sher’s Approach to Successful and Sustainable Chronic Cough Relief

People whose professional and personal lives have been compromised by Chronic Cough are achieving remarkable results with Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough.  More than 8 out of 10 Center for Cough patients are demonstrating measurable Cough reduction, Cough relief or resolution and an overall improvement in the quality of their lives.  To what do Dr. Sher’s patients and Dr. Sher attribute this successful and sustainable cough relief? “C” is for Dr. Sher’s Approach:  Connectivity, Collaborative, Caring, Comprehensive, Chronic, & Cough.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher at 727-393-8067.

“Each patient is a snowflake.”- Dr. Mandel Sher

Dr. Sher and the Center for Cough team are active listeners.  They respect and appreciate each Cough patient’s unique story, and the value it contributes to evaluation, treatment, and Cough relief.

“He really understands ME.”

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team are a leading center in the United States for people suffering with a Persistent Cough, also commonly known as Chronic Cough.  How the puzzle pieces fit together varies, but there is consistency among some of the pieces that form Chronic Cough themes.  Dr. Sher gets it.  He understands the debilitating professional, personal, and social consequences of Persistent Cough:  hoarseness, coughing “fits,” fatigue, urinary incontinence, social isolation, anxiety, and depression.  Dr. Sher and Center for Cough team have an emotional connection with Cough patients.

“We never give up.” – Dr. Mandel Sher

Dr. Sher is your partner in resolving your cough, and happily collaborates with other doctors who are involved in your overall health and well being.    Comprehensive and simultaneous treatment, rather than trial and error, produces rapid relief from the exhausting Cough cycle.  All of these factors describe Dr. Mandel Sher’s engaging approach leads Cough patients to be motivated to finally get-rid-of Chronic Cough.  Dr. Sher conducts Cough related clinical trials at Center for Cough and is also able to offer clinical research studies as a treatment option.

Persistent Cough & Your Heart: Achy Breaky Heart

Persistent Cough & Your Heart may be medically related if Chronic Cough is an indication of a heart condition. Very often, it breaks the hearts of your loved ones who are worried about your.

February is designated by the American Heart Association as “American Heart Month.” In February, we also celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, February is an especially appropriate time to consider the relationship between Persistent Cough & Your Heart. There may be a direct relationship between possible heart disease and Cough. And, very likely there’s an indirect relationship between your family and friend’s broken hearts because they are worried that your Cough is a warning sign of serious illness. And, your achy, breaky heart because you’re sitting life out due to the anxiety, stress, and embarrassment of Persistent Cough. Do you know this about Persistent Cough & Your Heart?:

Chronic Cough may be an indication of underlying and serious heart condition. A Cough that wont’ go away may also be a symptom of other significant medical conditions. But, very often, Persistent Cough is an irritating, embarrassing, and debilitating condition only that can be relieved or resolved. Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Doctor who WILL help you break the Cough cycle and achieve long-term Cough relief or resolution: 727-393-8067

Persistent Cough may be an indication of a heart condition. Very often, it breaks the hearts of your loved ones who are worried about you.

. #coughbgone

Chronic Cough is a medical condition that often has multiple factors triggering and producing Cough. A cookie-cutter approach to diagnosing and treating Persistent Cough does not work. Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Specialist who will accurately assess the unique factors triggering your specific cough. Dr. Sher will match the reasons for your Cough with a personalized and individualized treatment plan that will relieve or resolve your cough. In recognition of the individuality and specificity of each patient’s Cough, Dr. Sher says:

“Each patient is a snowflake.” – Dr. Mandel Sher

Don’t be a heart-breaker by worrying yourself, family and friends with a Persistent Cough. Get to the bottom of WHY you’re Coughing. Understanding the why is the first and most important step toward effective treatment and Cough relief or resolution.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher for world-class Cough care & results: #coughbgone

Cough Reflex & Itch: Cough Scratches THROAT TICKLE

Cough Reflex & Itch are first-cousins that behave similarly. Let’s break this family tree down.  If you first see a red patch on your arm, then your brain tells you to scratch it.  If you feel a Tickle in throat, then your brain tell you to scratch it by Coughing.  These two actions of first seeing or feeling and then scratching happen quickly and closely to each other.  The Cough Reflex that produces Chronic Cough is much the same as the Itch and Scratch response.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher to Relieve Chronic Cough: 727-393-8067. #throattickle

When the nerve endings at the back of your throat are super-sensitive (hypersensitive) either because you recently had a cold or virus or because you are “hard-wired” that way, then you feel a TICKLE in  throat.  When you feel a TICKLE, your brain tells you to Cough in order to scratch the THROAT TICKLE.  So, if you are aware of the TICKLE and  URGE TO COUGH, then you can relieve the Cough.

Some reflexes are vitally important to our health and safety.  For example, if you accidentally place a hand on a hot stove you automatically feel the burn and withdraw your hand.  Now think about how different your two hands will feel when you lightly blow on the skin.

When you blow on the hand that was not burned, it will probably feel nice.  But when you blow on the hand that was burned, it will probably feel stinging and sensitive.  This increased sensitivity  is how the nerve endings in the back of your throat feel after they have been triggered by a cold, virus, or other irritant.  TICKLE in throat and Cough are the body’s response to this sensitivity.

Cough Clinical Trials: The Importance of Data Collection, Analysis & Sharing

Have you ever participated or considered participating in a Clinical Trial for a Cough drug or therapy?  Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough is a national leader in conducting Clinical Research for Cough.  Volunteers for Cough Clinical Trials have a chance at improving their own Cough as well as helping to develop cough therapies in the future. Data collection, analysis & sharing are vitally important parts of the Clinical Research process.

Please contact Dr. Mandel Sher to learn about Cough Clinical Trials: 727-393-8067. #coughclinicaltrials

Clinical research is highly regulated and highly routinized to ensure apples-to-apples sameness among the different geographic sites participating in a Clinical Trial and to protect patient safety and privacy.  The same Clinical Trial for the same medical condition using the same protocol is offered for the same time period in different sites around the country.  These highly selected sites for Clinical Research meet specific criteria.  Data collection, analysis, & sharing  sharing are part of the responsibility of Clinical Trials sites and paramount to the important role that Clinical Research plays in bringing new drugs and therapies to market.  The precision and completeness of collected data is key to data analysis, findings, and conclusions.

Clinical Research is a collaborative effort among Investigators.  As a Principal Investigator for Cough Clinical Trials, Dr. Mandel Sher is often invited to investigator meetings where preliminary results from all clinical trial sites are  shared.   

Please call Carol, Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough’s Clinical Research Nurse, to find out about current and upcoming Cough Clinical Trials:  727-210-3259.

Lesson Learned from My Father-In-Law: Trust, Faith, and Confidence

Trust, Faith, & Confidence in Dr. Mandel Sher

“Dad,” also affectionately known as “Woody”by his many adoring friends, is  my 91+ year-old father-in-law.  Woody, who lives in New York, traveled down here alone to escape the cold and enjoy our family in the warm sunshine.  Woody is an American hero and one of my heroes.  He is a member of the Greatest Generation.  He served this nation proudly as a U.S. Navy Corpsman attached to a Marine-division in the Pacific area during World War II.  Dad’s military service is one of his proudest chapters and he recalls fondly his fellow men who served alongside him and the trust, faith, and confidence they had to have in each other.  After Dad’s return home, he served our nation as a U.S. Postal Service mailman who carried a heavy mailbag, walked the beat of residential routes in Brooklyn, and knocked-on doors to hand-deliver a letter that looked like a college acceptance or first-time driver license.  He lived through the great Depression.  Through it all, Dad persevered and has a cheerful and positive disposition.  Here’s a lesson learned from my father-in-law and hero during a recent conversation about his health and his doctors back home:

“It’s all about trust.  If I have faith and confidence in my doctor, then I do what he tells me.” – Woody

Simple.  Lesson learned from my father-in-law and hero:  Trust, faith, and confidence are the essential ingredients to the doctor-patient relationship, patient compliance with recommendations, and very often – success.

Around the kitchen table, Dad told me about all the people back home he knows who are Coughing all the time and making such a racket that it’s sometimes hard for him to hear what’s going on.  He asked thoughtful questions  about Who has Persistent Cough,  Why they Cough, How Cough affects people, What I do to help, and the Results.  He also wanted to know more about the Clinical Research for new Cough drugs that I lead, and my teaching and training of other doctors across the country ato raise awareness about this under-diagnosed and under-treated medical condition.  During my explanation, Dad’s eyes’ glazed-over.  I spoke louder and asked:

“Dad, are you listening?”

Dad said, “I heard enough.  I heard all I need to hear to know you are the man I would see if I had this kind of a Cough.  I could tell you know what you’re doing.  I would trust you and have faith and confidence in you to make me and my Cough better.” 

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher: 727-393-8067. www.centerforcough. #chroniccoughsolution

The Importance of Being Resolute: Make 2018 Your Time to Finally Change Your COUGH

Be Resolved to Make 2018 the Year Dr. Mandel Sher FINALLY Solves Your Chronic Cough.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right,” said Oprah Winfrey.  Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  Did you know that 40 percent of Americans do? Did you also know that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, and Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group (including Virgin Atlantic Airline), are among the many wildly successful people who make resolutions?  A New Year gives each of us an uncommon jolt of energy to make changes that we believe may improve our lives or accomplish a personal goal.  Be resolute!  Determined. Purposeful. Steadfast. Tenacious. Firm…The importance of being resolute:  Make 2018 your time to finally change your COUGH!  We’re only a few days into the New Year, and if you haven’t already made a resolution that this will be THE year you FINALLY get rid of your Chronic Cough, then make it now.  Resolve to change that Persistent Cough that serves no other purpose other than to annoy, embarrass, exhaust, worry, and isolate you.

  • Write-down your resolutions and share them with those nearest and dearest to you.  Resolution # 1:  Solve the Mystery of My Chronic Cough and Get Rid of It Once and For All So I Can Engage & Enjoy Life Fully!
  • Make the goal specific, achievable, and measurable.  Example:  On Monday, call to make an appointment with Dr. Mandel Sher, Cough Specialist, and schedule the appointment within 30 days. 
  • Cross each goal off your list as it is achieved and set a new goal. Example:  Follow Dr. Sher’s instructions completely.  Take medications, do voice exercises, be aware of food and drink choices I make, and more.  It can be difficult to resist temptations and distractions and stay the treatment course, BUT, be vigilant and compliant and in a very short time you will experience remarkable results with reduction in Cough Frequency and Cough Intensity.  
  • Kickstart ChangeA Chronic Cough condition is habit-forming.  It’s tough to break habits.  And it’s particularly hard to break old, bad habits.  START!  Be Resolute!  Be Resolved to Improve Your Life and Accomplish This Goal!  Make 2018 Your Time!

Cough that doesn’t go away may be an indication of a serious medical condition.  Sometimes, a Cough generally lasting 8 weeks or longer, is a Chronic Cough that very likely will NOT go away by itself with time alone.  You Need an Intervention!

Dr. Mandel Sher is one of the nation’s leading Cough experts.  He is a Cough doctor, Clinical Research Investigator for new Cough drugs, Educator and Trainer of other doctors, and Cough Advocates.

The results he is helping Cough patients to achieve are STUNNING!  Over 8 out of 10 Cough patients demonstrate a measurable decrease in Cough frequency and report a vast improvement in overall quality of life.

Dr. Mandel Sher WILL help you achieve a Cough SOLUTION!  Contact Dr. Sher at Center for Cough:  727-393-8067. www.centerforcough. #chroniccoughsolution

Resolution # 1: Get Rid of My Chronic Cough, FINALLY!

…Make 2018 the Year You Finally Get Rid of Your Chronic Cough

Be Resolute about keeping your New Year’s resolution.  You’ve been coughing for a long time.  Your loved ones are worried and so are you.  New Year; new beginnings.  Resolution #1:  Get Rid of My Chronic Cough, FINALLY!

World-class cough care is in your neighborhood.  Start Today:  Contact Dr. Mandel Sher:  727-393-8067.  www.centerforcough

Happy Holidays!