Dr. Mandel Sher Saved a Stranger’s Life: Know CPR

Dr. Mandel Sher Saved a Stranger’s Life: Know CPR

Dr. Mandel Sher saved a stranger’s life.  The importance of knowing CPR and taking appropriate action in time of emergency cannot be overstated.  It started out like a regular Thursday evening at one of Dr. Sher’s favorite dinner restaurants.  That all changed when a manager of the restaurant asked Dr. Sher to help a non-responsive person who was lying on the ground, not breathing, and had a bluish-grey skin color.  The restaurant team had already called 911 but Dr. Sher determined the patient was in imminent danger.

Dr. Sher immediately began CPR and directed use of the restaurant’s defibrillator.  The victim gasped and resumed breathing.  By the time the emergency responders arrived, the person had come-to and was transported to a nearby hospital.    Thankfully, the grateful family and person reported to Dr. Sher the next day that all was well.     

Dr. Mandel Sher saved a stranger’s life.  While Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Doctor by day,  he emphasizes that each one of us can learn to determine when someone is in need of CPR and learn how to administer CPR.  Knowing CPR can make the difference between life and death.  Dr. Mandel Sher is grateful that the person is well and that he was there – prepared to assist.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Specialist.  Cough is a very common medical condition.  In fact, cough is the number one reason people visit a doctor.  But some coughs linger for weeks, months, or even years.  Sometimes, in spite of really good doctors who try their very best to resolve a persistent or chronic cough that does not have an underlying medical condition, those doctors and the cough treatments they try, fail and the person continues to cough.

Very often, persons with Chronic Cough are told to “learn to live with it.”  A persistent cough that lasts for around 8 weeks or longer is a serious problem that produces debilitating consequences for the person suffering with cough and their loved ones and colleagues around them. 

Chronic Cough is treatable and can be resolved. Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Specialist.  He is helping patients achieve REMARKABLE results even if they have seen many other doctors and failed other cough therapies.  Dr. Mandel Sher WILL help you. 

Call Center for Cough today:  727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Chronic Cough Specialist.  In addition to helping persons with Chronic Cough relieve and resolve cough, Dr. Sher also conducts clinical trials for new cough treatments with scientists, researchers, and physician colleagues around the world, and is a frequent contributor to the medical community on evolving paradigms for diagnosing and treating Chronic Cough.

Jarring Sound of Cough: Lesson Learned from Dr. Mandel Sher’s Granddaughter

Have you ever heard the expression, “Out of the mouths of babes”?  Children are generally truth-tellers.  Dr. Mandel Sher keenly observed how his 11-month old granddaughter, Mia,  consistently responded to the sound of C-O-U-G-H during a recent family vacation.

The sudden, unexpected sound of COUGH shatters the sound of silence.  The sound of COUGH is startling – just watch a baby literally “jump” in your arms and cry in response to the agitating and loud sound of COUGH.  The sound of COUGH is alarming and frightening. 

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher, Cough Specialist: 727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com

Dr. Mandel Sher’s Granddaughter Responds to Unexpected, Loud, Agitating Sound of Cough

Dr. Mandel Sher’s children invited Mia’s four grandparents to join them for a family vacation in Colorado.  All the family stayed together under one roof.  Shimmering aspen trees, babbling brooks and streams, and snow-capped mountains formed a beautiful and serene backdrop for this awesome time.  That is until early each morning and after meals when the quiet would be shattered by Mia’s maternal grandpa’s Coughing fits.    Mia’s face would scrunch-up and then she would cry.

Dr. Mandel Sher treats many Cough patients who report being referred by a family member because they just can’t stand the grating sound of Cough anymore. 

Chronic Cough and/or constant throat-clearing is debilitating for the person suffering & annoying for those around.  You have a lot to say.  Don’t let Cough drown-out your message. Don’t let Cough interrupt a bedtime story.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher for a Cough Solution:  727-393-8067. Dr. Sher is working with global Cough doctors, scientists, and researchers to evaluate effective Cough therapies.  Dr. Mandel Sher is a frequent contributor to the medical community’s body of knowledge around Chronic Cough by presenting evolving paradigms for Cough treatment at professional societies.

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team are helping patients to achieve REMARKABLE COUGH RELIEF and RESOLUTION – including those patients who have been Coughing for years, seen other doctors, and tried but failed other Cough therapies. 

If you have a persistent Cough that’s been lingering for 8 weeks or longer, contact Dr. Mandel Sher now.  Get your Cough treatment right from the start:  727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com

Cough Patient Success Stories: Power of Dr. Mandel Sher’s Online Reviews

Online Cough Patient Success Stories with Dr. Mandel Sher are Powerful Tool for Advocacy & Effective Treatment

Cough Patient Success Stories matter! There’s nothing more satisfying to Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team than knowing they have given back life to a person who has been suffering with the debilitating consequences of Chronic Cough.   Cough Patient Success stories under Dr. Mandel Sher’s care, and the importance of online reviews, cannot be over-stated.  Here’s feedback from a grateful Cough patient who believes Dr. Mandel Sher “saved her life”:

“I am an RN of 25 years and have had a cough for my entire life. For 3 years it was severe. I went to countless specialists & had every test available, all offering ZERO answers. I was on 12 prescription meds with ZERO improvement. Dr. Sher has saved my life! I no longer need a laundry list of meds or to spend every day off in a doctor’s office. I finally have a normal life without a hacking cough, exhaustion, embarrassment & constant disruption to everyone around me. Everyone there is great!”

 (Denise S. of Fort Myers area in Lee County who drove 2.5 hours each way to see Dr. Sher)

Patient Success stories are heartwarming.  Patient  Success stories that are shared in online reviews are important for Chronic Cough advocacy and facilitate Dr. Sher’s tireless efforts for more effective Cough treatments.  Popular review sites: Google, Center for Cough facebook page, healthgrades, vital:  Here’s how an online review helps:

  • Raises awareness about Chronic Cough as a specific & distinct medical condition
  • Gives hope to frustrated people who are suffering with Chronic Cough
  • Leads people seeking effective tried & true Cough treatment to Dr. Mandel Sher

Thank You to those who have shared a Cough Patient Success story with Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team.  Please consider sharing your Cough Success story with Dr. Mandel Sher in an online review. 

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher to Resolve Your Chronic Cough Once & For All: 727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com





Labor Day: Does Your Workplace Make You Sick – Really!

Labor Day recognizes the important contributions of our great nation’s workers.  So, as we honor our nation’s workers, it is appropriate to ask:  Does Your Workplace Make You Sick – Really!  Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team care for so many people in the workforce whose professional performance is being compromised by Chronic Cough – Attorneys, Salespeople, Telephone Communicators – people whose work involves a lot of speaking and produces a dry throat.   And, there are people who have an allergy or sensitivity to something in the workplace environment that produces a throat tickle and urge to Cough.

Yes!  Your Workplace Can Make You Sick!  You Really Can be Allergic to Work! Your Cough Can be Triggered by Something in Your Work Environment!  Dr. Mandel Sher: Cough Specialist.

Dr. Mandel Sher Will Resolve Your Cough & Return You to Peak Performance: 727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com

Itchy eyes? Trouble breathing? Cough? The trigger making you feel miserable may be inside, not outside.  If your symptoms worsen as the workday progresses and lessen after you leave work or while you are enjoying time off, then you may suffer from a workplace trigger.  Now the really tough question is what to do about it. Begin by finding out if this is a sensitivity to an irritant that makes you feel uncomfortable but is not dangerous, or a real allergy that can produce a life-threatening allergic reaction.  Check out The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (osha.gov) guidelines for handling workplace triggers.

What do you do when how and where you earn a living is producing a misery-generating sensitivity or dangerous allergic reaction?

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team are dedicated Chronic Cough Specialists – one of the very few in the nation.  Dr. Sher is helping countless people who are feeling frustrated and hopeless by a Cough that wouldn’t go away.  Many of these people who have suffered with a Persistent Cough for months or years have seen other doctors and failed cough therapies.

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough’s Innovative and Integrated Approach to Comprehensive Cough Care and Treatment is THE Difference.  Contact Dr. Mandel Sher:  727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com


Laughter & Your Cough: National Tell a Joke Day

Laughter & Your Cough: National Tell a Joke Day

Knock, Knock.  Who’s There? It’s Dr. Mandel Sher, a world-class Cough Specialist and pretty good joke teller.  Today, August 16, 2018, is National Tell a Joke Day.  Laughter is good for your health; but is laughter good for your Cough?

Have you ever noticed that your Cough kicks-in after a really hard belly laugh?  Not surprising.  The nerves that are involved in the laughing reflex are the same nerves that are involved in the Coughing reflex.  Therefore, triggering the laughing reflex can also trigger the Coughing reflex.  The laughing and Coughing sequence is common.  But, if you suffer from Coughing fits that seem to be unexplained and produced without a specific trigger, then you may have Chronic Cough.

Chronic Cough is a common medical condition.  It is under-diagnosed and often ineffectively treated by physicians. Sometimes, Chronic Cough is an indication of an serious underlying medical condition.  Often, Chronic Cough is THE problem.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a world-class Cough Specialist.  Dr. Sher and his global physician, scientist, and researcher colleagues are evolving the paradigm for treating Chronic Cough.  Dr. Mandel Sher and the Center for Cough team WILL RESOLVE Your Cough – even if you have been Coughing for years, have seen other doctors, and failed cough therapies. Contact Dr. Mandel Sher: 727-393-8067.  

So, go ahead and laugh often and laugh hard.  Laughter is an effective stress reducer, immune system booster, and is contagious.  Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Cough Headache: My Head Hurts From Coughing

As if Coughing is not enough discomfort for one person to bear, some people experience Cough Headaches associated with Coughing.  There are different possible medical conditions triggering Cough Headaches.  The type of Cough Headache being addressed here is one that is triggered by Coughing, happens occasionally rather than being continuous, lasts for a brief time, and improves on its own or with minimal intervention.  Cough Headaches affect Men more than women and people over age 40.

Cough Headache can be associated with coughing. Dr. Mandel Sher offers comprehensive & integrated Cough treatment.

Cough Headaches are not a common type of headache.  They can be painful and exaggerate the discomfort and dysfunction associated with Coughing. 

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough if you are Coughing for around 8 weeks or longer. Dr. Sher WILL relieve or resolve your Cough and help you to manage Cough risk factors and Coughing episodes: 727-393-8067. #chronic cough, #lingeringcough, #persistentcough, #mycoughwontgoaway


As you prepare for a visit with Dr. Mandel Sher to evaluate the cause(s) and trigger(s) of your Cough and resulting Cough Headache, take note of the following questions that will provide Dr. Mandel Sher clues as he and the Center for Cough team listen to your personal Cough story:

  • How long your Cough and Cough Headaches are going on?
  • Frequency
  • Duration
  • Family history of headaches
  • What makes Cough Headaches improve
  • What makes Cough Headaches worsen

Chronic Cough is a complex medical condition that by itself is tough. Cough Headaches and other common Cough-associated conditions such as Daytime Fatigue, Urine Leaks, Muscle Aches, Un-Focus, Anxiety, Depression, Social Isolation and other make Chronic Cough even harder.

You should not learn to live with Chronic Cough and its associated symptoms.  Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Specialist dedicated to accurately diagnosing the causes and triggers of Chronic Cough and targeting personalized and comprehensive treatment to achieve Cough relief and resolution.  Dr. Sher is helping people suffering with Cough to achieve REMARKABLE reduction in Cough frequency and intensity and an overall improvement in the quality of daily life.

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough’s professional services are approved by Medicare and other insurers.  Dr. Sher approach is traditional, evidence-based medicine.  The differences are rooted in a comprehensive and integrated approach to Cough treatment.

Even if you have seen other doctors for your Cough, tried other Cough therapies and are still Coughing – Come feel and hear the difference with Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough:  727-393-8067.

Exercise & Cough: Runners, Swimmers, & Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes who cough during or after intense exercise. See Dr. Mandel Sher: 727-393-8067.

Exercise!  You’re a runner or swimmer or another type of endurance athlete.  You’re working-out intensely, feeling fit and great, and then you burst into a coughing fit after your workout.  Mood Buster!  You didn’t have any symptoms before your exercise, so what gives with this hacking cough? Why can’t you catch your breath?

Coughing during or after exercise can be a symptom of a condition called exercise-induced bronchoconstriction.  “This makes it more difficult for the air to get through into the lungs,” says Jonathan Parsons, M.D., director of the Ohio State University Multidisciplinary Cough Program. Cough is a common symptom among athletes.  Other common triggers can include:  respiratory infection and environmental exposures like cold dry air.  A less common trigger but one to be considered is exercise-induced vocal cord dysfunction.

Exercise Should be Good for You!  Contact Dr. Mandel Sher if you have recurring hacking coughing fits during or after exercise.  Dr. Sher is a Cough Specialist who will listen to your cough history and story, perform a comprehensive evaluation of the cause and triggers, and help you achieve remarkable Cough Resolution Results.  

Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough:  727-393-8067. 

If this sounds like your experience, then see Dr. Mandel Sher to check it out.  Find out what it is and what it is not. Self-diagnosing and self-treating alone can waste time and money and prevent you from identifying the underlying medical condition.  See Dr. Mandel Sher to learn how to manage the underlying medical condition and get through an exercise episode with sweat only.

Dr. Mandel Sher offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to treating and resolving Cough. Dr. Sher and Center for Cough’s approach are evidence-based with a twist of innovation. 

Medicare and other major insurers approve Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough’s services.  Contact:  727-393-8067. 

Dr. Sher’s education and training credentials include: Northwestern, Duke, Harvard, and the University of Michigan.  In addition to caring for people with Cough, Dr. Sher collaborates with global Cough scientists and researchers on Clinical Research Trials that evaluate Cough therapies for improved outcomes, and is a frequent contributor to the medical community’s Cough understanding.

Smoking is Bad for Your Health: Marijuana & Your Cough

Marijuana Smoking Doubles Your Risk For Developing a Hacking Cough.

It’s old news that tobacco smoking is bad for your health.  Now along comes an evidence-review of 22 other studies evaluating the impact of marijuana smoking on your health.  The review was conducted by Dr. Mehrnaz Ghasemiesfe of the San Francisco VA Medical Center and recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.  Bottom line:  Smoking marijuana once a week doubles a person’s risk of developing a regular hacking cough.  Other adverse impact of marijuana on health was also reported.

Discussions around marijuana legalization are prompting the medical community to understand marijuana’s long-term impact on overall health.  Some experts liken the effects to the medical problems caused by smoking tobacco.  Other experts doubt marijuana will be as harmful as tobacco because it is not smoked as much.  According to Dr. Edelman, an adviser to the American Lung Association:  ” “I don’t think the smoke of marijuana is necessarily less toxic than the smoke of tobacco. It’s just that in general, people who use marijuana smoke fewer marijuana cigarettes than people who smoke tobacco.”

A hacking cough that lingers for 8 weeks and longer should be evaluated by a Cough Expert.  Sometimes, a persistent cough is a symptom of a serious, underlying medical problem.  Sometimes a Chronic Cough IS THE PROBLEM.

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher:  727-393-8067.  www.centerforcough.  Find out how Dr. Mandel Sher WILL help you relieve your cough. 

Dr. Sher is one of the nation’s leading Cough Specialists.  All of Dr. Mandel Sher’s professional services at Center for Cough are Medicare-approved as well as approved by most private commercial insurers. 

In addition to evaluating, treating, and helping people with Chronic Cough to achieve REMARKABLE Cough Relief and Cough Resolution, Dr. Mandel Sher collaborates with scientists and researchers around the world to develop new cough drugs, offers people suffering with Chronic Cough an opportunity to participate in clinical trials as a treatment option, and is a frequent lecturer at professional medical meetings and contributor to the medical community’s understanding of Chronic Cough.

Learn more about the adverse health consequences of smoking marijuana:  https://health.usnews.com/health-care/articles/2018-07-02/even-once-a-week-pot-smokers-have-more-cough-phlegm


The Tenth London International Cough Symposium Happening Now

International Clinical & Scientific Cough Experts Gather to Review Research Findings & Evolve Cough Treatments

What do you call a gathering of international clinician and scientist experts in cough?: The Tenth London International Cough Symposium happening in London, June 27 through June 29.  This series of  International Symposia on Cough was initiated by the late Professor John  Widdicombe in 1999. The Symposium will feature experts’ contributions from:  Australia, Belgium, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, and more.  There will be lectures, round-table discussions, poster presentations, and lots of opportunities for informal interactions.  The Symposium will include a review and discussion of the latest research findings and future Cough treatments.  In alternating years, The American Cough Conference is held state-side, chaired by Dr. Mandel Sher’s esteemed colleague, Dr. Peter Dicpinigaitis, Professor of Clinical Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.  The next American Cough Conference will be from June 7 through June 8th, 2019 in a United States location.

Dr. Mandel Sher is a Cough Specialist and Cough Expert.  He is helping people with Chronic Cough to achieve remarkable Cough relief and resolution – even when they have been suffering for years, have seen other doctors, and failed previous Cough therapies. 

If you have a Cough that is lingering, generally around eight weeks or longer, don’t wait any longer.  Contact:  Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough: 727-393-8067. www.centerforcough.com. #chroniccough

The 2018 John Widdicombe Lecture is a highlight of the Symposium.  The lecture features a researcher who has made a significant impact on the field of Cough.  This year, Dr. Mandel Sher’s esteemed colleague, Professor Jacky Smith of University of Manchester, will present the John Widdicombe Lecture addressing “Insight From Counting Cough.”

Dr. Mandel Sher is grateful to his Cough clinical, scientist, and research colleagues for working tirelessly along with himself to improve Cough understanding, treatment, and outcome.  Stay tuned for the proceedings of the London Symposium which will be available through live streaming and published at a later date.  Here’s to a productive Tenth London International Cough Symposium!


Listening & Connecting: Dr. Mandel Sher Thanks his Dad, Dr. Lewis Sher

Listening & Connecting – Cornerstones of an Effective Doctor

Thankfully, there are lots of very smart doctors.  But what makes some doctors more effective than others in motivating patients to be aware, take medication, do exercise, change diet, and generally do as instructed to achieve better outcomes? LISTENING & CONNECTING! Dr. Mandel Sher’s Dad and role model, Dr. Lewis Sher, exemplified these values.  On this Father’s Day, Dr. Mandel Sher thanks his Dad for introducing him to the joy of being a doctor and helping people to improve their lives.  Here’s a cornerstone principle that Dr. Lewis Sher followed in his pediatric practice and how Dr. Mandel Sher lives these values everyday in his Chronic Cough center of excellence:

“Make Each Patient Feel That They Are the Only Patient You Have.”

Dr. Lewis Sher

“Each patient is a snowflake.”

Dr. Mandel Sher

Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team take care of PEOPLE.  Each person, like a snowflake, is unique.  So, it’s valuable to really review and listen to each person’s unique Cough story in order to accurately and completely diagnose the cause(s) and trigger(s) of  Chronic Cough and launch a customized treatment plan.

Like his Dad, Dr. Mandel Sher embraces the importance of really CONNECTING with each patient and LISTENING to each patient’s Cough story.  Dr. Mandel Sher and the Center for Cough team begin the initial visit by thanking patients for completing medical history paperwork prior to the visit and then reviewing it with them.  It is during these LISTENING sessions, that Dr. Sher and/or a Center for Cough team member often hear information that may help unravel the cause and trigger(s) of their Chronic Cough.  Dr. Mandel Sher is helping people with Chronic Cough to achieve REMARKABLE Cough Relief and Resolution:

Contact Dr. Mandel Sher: Cough Specialist: 727-393-8067.

#coughrelief, #howyoudoitasimportantaswhatyoudo

Dr. Lewis Sher was hard working, steadfast, and devoted to family and faith.  He served in the United States Army, delayed college and medical school to work as a newspaper delivery boy, in a grocery store, and as a “soda jerk” at a pharmacy counter in order to support his parents and help put his sister and two brothers through school.  He became an expert in polio and was a pediatrician in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Those were the days of making house calls at all hours, checking-on sick children in hospitals, and bartering goods and services in exchange for an office visit when families needed financial assistance.

Dinner-time for the Sher Family, included Dad Sher relaying stories about the kids and families he had helped that day or news of a patient’s accomplishment.  Dad Sher made meaningful connections with each of his patients.  Dr. Sher’s relationship with each child generally began as a newborn and continued through young adulthood.  He taught boys and girls how to make eye contact and offer a firm handshake.  Later on, Dr. Sher would be invited to celebrate graduations and marriages. Humor, photogenic memory, keen intellect, the art of conversation, and kindness in the face of understanding the human condition, characterized Dr. Lewis Sher’s practice.  And, so it is with his son, Dr. Mandel Sher at Center for Cough.

Thanks Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!