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Laughter & Your Cough: National Tell a Joke Day

Knock, Knock.  Who’s There? It’s Dr. Mandel Sher, a world-class Cough Specialist and pretty good joke teller.  Today, August 16, 2018, is National Tell a Joke Day.  Laughter is good for your health; but is laughter good for your Cough? Have you ever noticed that your Cough kicks-in after a really hard belly laugh?  Not […]

Cough Headache: My Head Hurts From Coughing

As if Coughing is not enough discomfort for one person to bear, some people experience Cough Headaches associated with Coughing.  There are different possible medical conditions triggering Cough Headaches.  The type of Cough Headache being addressed here is one that is triggered by Coughing, happens occasionally rather than being continuous, lasts for a brief time, […]

Exercise & Cough: Runners, Swimmers, & Endurance Athletes

Exercise!  You’re a runner or swimmer or another type of endurance athlete.  You’re working-out intensely, feeling fit and great, and then you burst into a coughing fit after your workout.  Mood Buster!  You didn’t have any symptoms before your exercise, so what gives with this hacking cough? Why can’t you catch your breath? Coughing during […]

Smoking is Bad for Your Health: Marijuana & Your Cough

It’s old news that tobacco smoking is bad for your health.  Now along comes an evidence-review of 22 other studies evaluating the impact of marijuana smoking on your health.  The review was conducted by Dr. Mehrnaz Ghasemiesfe of the San Francisco VA Medical Center and recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.  Bottom line:  […]

The Tenth London International Cough Symposium Happening Now

What do you call a gathering of international clinician and scientist experts in cough?: The Tenth London International Cough Symposium happening in London, June 27 through June 29.  This series of  International Symposia on Cough was initiated by the late Professor John  Widdicombe in 1999. The Symposium will feature experts’ contributions from:  Australia, Belgium, China, […]

Updated Clinical Practice Guidelines: American Cancer Society Example

WOW!  The American Cancer Society updated the clinical practice guidelines for colorectal cancer screening this week. Clinical practice guideline recommendations change after data is analyzed and experts on charged with guideline development review the data and draw conclusions about best practice.  The updated guidelines are then published and disseminated. These immediate changes have far-reaching implications for […]

Memorial Day: Remember, Honor, Summer Vacation…

Memorial Day – A time to remember and honor the women and men who died while serving in the United States military. Thank You.  And for many of us, Memorial Day kicks-off the start of the summer season.  Summer breaks from our usual routine and summer travel may result in an exacerbation of Chronic Cough.  […]

Medical Paperwork Matters: A Medical Icebreaker

Medical paperwork matters.  We can feel so annoyed each time we are asked to complete or update forms prior to a doctor visit, but it is so necessary and in our best interest!  Think of medical questionnaires and forms as medical icebreakers – a quick way to get to know each other or catch-up with […]