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Happening NOW: Seems Like Everyone in Tampa Bay Area is Sick

Seems like everyone in Tampa Bay area is sick now.  Cold, Flu, Cough – oh no!  According to an app,”Sickweather,” there is lots of respiratory illness in Tampa Bay area now.   “Sickweather” tracks illnesses, compares symptoms, and sees which viruses are going around in an area.  According to the developers of Sickweather, “Just as Doppler […]

Stop Throat Tickle, Reduce Urge to Cough, and Relieve Cough

Our friends “across the pond” published a simple to understand article on Chronic Cough.  The article emphasizes the important role of Throat Tickle and Urge to Cough in producing Cough.   It also includes helpful hints on Chronic Cough’s  management especially during the winter months.  Righto! (Learn more by clicking on link at bottom of […]

The Villages: Chronic Cough Can Get In The Way of Active Lifestyle

A day in the life of a person suffering with Chronic Cough in The Villages – “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.”  It can be frustrating!  The Villages is a premier active adult 55+ community in beautiful Sumter County.  Fun, Full, and Fabulous describes life at The Villages:  Recreation, Entertainment, Shopping and Dining, Social Club, Health and Fitness […]

What Do Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type-1 Diabetes, and Chronic Cough have in Common?

(illustration: Bateman/Wellcome Images) Question:  What do Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type-1 Diabetes, and Chronic Cough have in common?  Answer:  About the same order of magnitude of adults are affected by Chronic Cough as are affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type-1 Diabetes and other familiar conditions.  So why doesn’t Chronic Cough have household name recognition?  Why are Rheumatoid Arthritis […]

Are You Over-Thinking Chronic Cough?

Are you over-thinking your Chronic Cough? Certainly you’re feeling tired, depressed, and blah… who wouldn’t?  Your nagging Chronic Cough is interrupting your and/or your partner’s sleep.  Your hacking Chronic Cough is embarrassing you and annoying to those around you so you are staying home and feeling socially isolated.  Your Chronic Cough seems to be relentless. […]

Changing Seasons: Cough Cough, Everyone Seems to be Sick

Fall began on Friday, September 22nd.  It seems since the arrival of autumn, everyone is coming down with a common cold or upper respiratory infection.  Changing seasons:  Cough Cough, Everyone Seems to be Sick.  What’s up with that? Changing seasons bring changing outdoor temperatures and weather conditions. Different viruses flourish in different temperatures and weather […]