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Persistent Cough & Your Heart: Achy Breaky Heart

February is designated by the American Heart Association as “American Heart Month.” In February, we also celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, February is an especially appropriate time to consider the relationship between Persistent Cough & Your Heart. There may be a direct relationship between possible heart disease and Cough. And, very likely there’s an indirect relationship […]

Cough Reflex & Itch: Cough Scratches THROAT TICKLE

Cough Reflex & Itch are first-cousins that behave similarly. Let’s break this family tree down.  If you first see a red patch on your arm, then your brain tells you to scratch it.  If you feel a Tickle in throat, then your brain tell you to scratch it by Coughing.  These two actions of first […]

Happening NOW: Seems Like Everyone in Tampa Bay Area is Sick

Seems like everyone in Tampa Bay area is sick now.  Cold, Flu, Cough – oh no!  According to an app,”Sickweather,” there is lots of respiratory illness in Tampa Bay area now.   “Sickweather” tracks illnesses, compares symptoms, and sees which viruses are going around in an area.  According to the developers of Sickweather, “Just as Doppler […]

Stop Throat Tickle, Reduce Urge to Cough, and Relieve Cough

Our friends “across the pond” published a simple to understand article on Chronic Cough.  The article emphasizes the important role of Throat Tickle and Urge to Cough in producing Cough.   It also includes helpful hints on Chronic Cough’s  management especially during the winter months.  Righto! (Learn more by clicking on link at bottom of […]