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Are You Over-Thinking Chronic Cough?

Are you over-thinking your Chronic Cough? Certainly you’re feeling tired, depressed, and blah… who wouldn’t?  Your nagging Chronic Cough is interrupting your and/or your partner’s sleep.  Your hacking Chronic Cough is embarrassing you and annoying to those around you so you are staying home and feeling socially isolated.  Your Chronic Cough seems to be relentless. […]

Changing Seasons: Cough Cough, Everyone Seems to be Sick

Fall began on Friday, September 22nd.  It seems since the arrival of autumn, everyone is coming down with a common cold or upper respiratory infection.  Changing seasons:  Cough Cough, Everyone Seems to be Sick.  What’s up with that? Changing seasons bring changing outdoor temperatures and weather conditions. Different viruses flourish in different temperatures and weather […]

Urine Leakage and Persistent Cough: Double Whammy Embarrassment

Urine leakage and Persistent Cough…Sometimes, for some people with Chronic Cough, they go hand-in-hand.  As if feeling embarrassed by your Chronic Cough isn’t enough, you may occasionally leak urine when you Cough.  Urine leakage may be happening because Chronic Cough is a pressure increasing activity that may tax your pelvic muscles and urinary sphincter.  You […]

Decluttering Hurricane Style: What I Learned About Myself During Hurricane Irma

First and most importantly, I hope Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team’s patients and families throughout Florida and Georgia came through Hurricane Irma relatively unscathed.  (Center for Cough’s practice location is experiencing a temporary power outage.  In the meantime, Dr. Sher is available 24/7.  Please call:  1-877-381-1131 and the after-hours answering service will […]

The Importance of CONTINUITY: People with Chronic Cough and Other Chronic Medical Conditions Require Special Preparation Before, During & After a Hurricane

Right on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, our State of Florida is in harm’s way from Hurricane Irma.  While Irma’s path  is unknown at this writing, many Floridians and specifically, many of Dr. Mandel Sher’s Chronic Cough patients on the Gulf Coast of Florida, East Coast of Florida, throughout the State of Florida and Southeast […]

Our Nation Needs You: The Importance of Clinical Trials

Our Nation Needs You… to Volunteer…  Remember this image of  Uncle Sam aiming his pointer finger at the viewer with the slogan “We Need You?”  Imagine replacing Uncle Sam with the Director of the National Institutes of Health speaking about the importance of volunteering for clinical trials.  We Need You!  Clinical trials can move scientific […]

Calling All Coughers! Dr. Sher is Looking For Participants to Help Evaluate a New Cough Drug

Calling All Coughers!  Dr. Sher is Looking For Participants to Help Evaluate a New Cough Drug.  Please call 727-210-3259 to Speak with Nurse Amy Directly and Join Our Effort: 727-210-3259 Dr. Mandel Sher is a leading investigator of new cough medications.  Dr. Sher advises national and global scientists and researchers developing new cough drugs.  Center […]