Dr. Mandel Sher’s Birthday & Reflection on Lessons Learned

Dr. Mandel Sher’s birthday found him reflecting on past year and planning for year ahead.

It’s a wrap – Dr. Mandel Sher’s birthday that is! Lots of warm wishes; Mom Sher’s 3-flavor, 4-ice cream topping, cookie crust ice cream pie, gratitude for another year, and vision and goals for the year ahead – a perfect way to mark the occasion.  Dr. Sher appreciates all the good wishes and thanks everyone for helping to make his birthday so special.

Birthdays sit at the crossroads between the past and the future.  And while Dr. Sher reflects on all the meaningful patient, professional and personal milestones during the past year, he’s energized to:

  • evolve the paradigm for chronic cough treatment to achieve even better outcomes;
  • collaborate with cough scientist and researcher colleagues around the world to evaluate new cough drugs;
  • increase the public’s and medical community’s awareness of chronic cough as an addressable and distinct medical condition; and
  • be a tireless cough advocate.

So, on the occasion of his birthday, Dr. Sher reflects on lessons learned from cough patients:  resiliency, motivation, and each person’s distinct medical narrative and cough journey.  Even after years of being  a Cough Doctor, Dr. Sher marvels at cough patients’ resiliency and motivation. People who have seen other doctors and tried but failed cough therapies demonstrate resiliency by finally seeing Dr. Sher, a dedicated Cough Doctor Specialist.  Patients are motivated to be evaluated and treated by Dr. Sher for different reasons – all of them good!:

  • Family and friends are worried about lingering cough;
  • Persistent cough is interfering with talking, singing, sitting in a theater and/or church, and other social or recreational activities;
  • Chronic cough’s consequences are:  fatigue, urinary incontinence, anxiety, depression and other;
  • Persistent cough disrupts professional and personal relationships

Dr. Mandel Sher and the Center for Cough team understand the debilitating consequences of persistent cough, respect each patient’s distinct medical narrative and cough journey, and believe Center for Cough’s integrated approach to cough treatment results in rapid and sustainable cough solution.    Dr. Sher  and Center for Cough are helping patients to achieve REMARKABLE outcomes! Over 8 out of 10 cough patients demonstrate a measurable reduction in cough frequency and intensity, and report an overall improvement in quality of life.

Please contact Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team to find out how they can help you to conquer your cough: 727-393-8067.  All services are traditional, evidence-based medicine that are eligible for Medicare and insurance coverage.  It’s Dr. Mandel Sher’s integrated approach to listening and connecting the dots that are innovative and transformative.